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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Temple_of_peace, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Does anyone of you knows if the benefits of No PMO gained during the reboot disappear if one starts a regular sex life?
    The source of this question is from my last week experience. I had a tension in my balls because of ooogling to much at women. One morning I decided to masturbate just to release the tension. Did it with my hand and some fantasize... the next what I've experienced was:
    Sleepy all the day
    Brain fog came back
    And a kind of an anxiety I don't know where it came from

    I read all the time success stories, where everybody says their life changed (more energy, less anxiety etc.) after No PMO, but I still wonder how do they feel after 1 or 2 years of being cured?? Do they still have these benefits??
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    It depends if you were fully recovered or not, how long a streak did you have?

    Masturbation is also different to sex, as far as I understand sex is far better for you than masturbation and won't drain you the same way.

    If you were sexually exhausted ( like a lot of guys who watched porn and jacked off multiple times a day are) then ejaculating will take it out of you - that includes sex.

    You do hear of guys that have sex 4-5 x a night after recovering and I imagine that the benefits would be maintained so long as;

    1. You avoid porn and any artifical stimulation - to prevent brain changes - lowered dopamine receptors etc..

    2. You avoid over ejaculation and over stimulation.

    I think that if you never masturbate or watch porn and you are fully recovered then you could still have sex every night and ejaculate every night without losing the benefits or you could have sex witrh multiple ejaculations but you couldn't do that every night, you would need a longer rest.
  3. That's just the refractory period, Temple_of_peace. If you had an orgasm whilst having sex in the morning, you would still feel the same way. The solution is to only orgasm in the evening; definitely not in the morning when you have important stuff to do all day. If you have too much sexual tension, then relieve yourself just before bedtime.
  4. 1. I'm not fully recovered

    2. Man but there are people that never watched porn but just masturbated to their own fantasize and still are capable of sex many times a week.

    It would be of great use if guys who recovered some years ago to come back and give us some reports of how is there sex life now and in general the whole life...
  5. I thought a little masturbation with a "healthy fantasize" (women I know) will not lose much of the gains. => oogling is not of use during the abstinence... that's a torture... and yeah next time I'll want to M, I'll definitely do that in the evening...
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    The benefits are many but you'd better not overdo it. I've seen my share of guys complaining of increased anxiety and panic attacks on day 30 to 50. Masturbate once in a while bro. Healthy images are fine.

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