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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Shady, May 18, 2020.

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    Yeah, I don't know if anyone has overcome such an experience. I'd say to weather the storm and hope that it passes, but who knows. Admittedly I haven't kept up with your journal, so I can only wish you well.
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    Hm. Sounds like you are in that painless limbo where you almost don't feel like a real person. It will pass, like all things, but I have no fucking clue as to in what manner. I'm not sure, did you ever begin therapy? If yes, get in contact with them, please.

    Yup, many people have gone through that valley and come out on the other side. I have, I think. Do not ask me how, I don't know. But these phases can be overcome. And porn addiction too, we have enough people here who did it.

    Escape, getting better is possible.

    Not that I do not appreciate the predicament shady is in. Cause your thing seems to have driven people away from you or you from them. And that is the thing that I think is the most crucial, not being so bloody alone in these hard times. I do not want to be cruel and poke at the wound. But if you keep fighting just on your own, there is no one to give you feedback, criticise or applaud you. I mean, not that we aren't part of your life in a fashion but my dude, we're a bunch of ethereal internet honchos with a massive wanking problem - not to shit talk ourselves here, but we are not sufficient.

    I'd recommend speaking to a therapist. And stay away from porn, too. As shitty as you might feel (or as little as you might feel), you have come far, endured much.

    This is not the end. It might feel like that, and boy, can I relate. I've felt I was at my end, too, and often, only to later learn it was another illusion, dispelled in the mists of another morning. It's a questionable perk of sometimes being on the wrong side of the sanity thing. It will get better.

    Keep sailing, and find somebody to talk to.
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