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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Shady, May 18, 2020.

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    No matter they're length my streaks that felt the healthiest where the ones where I was more detached from counting. The ones where I got far but I was quite obsessed on the number I was on and also putting a lot of pressure on myself about not relapsing felt less healthy and ended in what I call "explosive relapses" (kind of like an elastic you pull really hard on one side and then you let it go). I'm not saying this is how it goes for everyone, but I think for me it's a valid point.

    Right now I'm considering allowing myself MO but to get on a streak of no P - but to not focus a lot on the day I'm on. But not to the extent that I'll use that as justification for going for a P session.

    If someone can stay stable without MO, then more power to him !

    This being said, you're doing great man keep going ! I'm happy you're finding a way that works for you. I hope you're growing as a person right now.
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  2. Shady

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    @Bilbo Baggins thanks.
    Totally agree with everything you said.

    @positivef thanks.
    sorry to hear you're struggling

    @Thelongwayhome27 the thing with P-free MO is that it differs from one person to another.
    For me P-free MO is a recipe for disaster. It just means I'll end up relapsing few days after P-free MO. For me it's inescapable.
    That said, maybe you can keep it P-free and not eventually relapse. That's why all of this is a self discovery journey. Only you know what works for you. And you know what works for you by trying. So keep trying till you find what works.
    So give it a try and let us know how it goes.
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    So I've been tasked with leading a team.
    When I was asked to do this, I felt scared. How can an insecure paranoid socially anxious person who has borderline personality disorder?
    I never voiced my fears, but I asked "are you sure?" and the person who asked me to do this said "you can do this. You can never learn unless you try."
    I accepted. I tried for a while. The team was enthusiastic at the beginning, but now I feel like they're losing their faith in me.
    When I sensed this, I fell into another depression cycle.
    I thought about PMO. That I'm dying for some PMO right about now. Just do it and forget all about this.
    But this won't make me a better leader. I'm trying not to overthinkn this or let it overwhelm me. This all hurts.
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    Wish I could help you shoulder some of this burden, but unfortunately I can't. What I can do is wish you the best and hope for your success. It may not mean much, but hang in there.

    Take care
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    I've been a team lead many times. I've had this feeling as well. When you have this feeling you have to sort jump out of the anxious side of your brain and ask yourself,

    Why do I feel this way?
    Is there any real reason I feel this way?

    If yes, then you need to do some soft investigation. Ask of few team mates how things are going?

    Feel free to PM me if you wanna discuss.
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    Porn urges lurk where we are at a low or feel overwhelmed. I guess that is being an addict, the urge is like a reflex. It is good you resisted.

    Also, I think @moose 's advice is good.
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  7. Shady

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    @NewStart19 thanks. This means a lot.

    @moose that's a good way to do this.

    @positivef you're right.

    Called the team members and heard them. I've dealt with all issues. Till next time.
    Since I did this, I've felt so much better.
    Here's the thing. I hate that my mood is easily swayed by a single incident.

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