A new beginning

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by colimpool, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. sonofJack

    sonofJack I deserve self-respect

    Happy to hear that you're relocated. Let the fun begin!
  2. colimpool

    colimpool Active Member

    great to see you 3 doing really well, thanks for your kind words

    temporary fix in place, now back to the boxes. no possessions sounds like a good idea from where i am sitting.

  3. Zed.

    Zed. Steady as she goes...

    Enjoy building your new home Col.
  4. imout

    imout Active Member

    exciting stuff, Col. Hope things are falling into place. Have spent the week looking at buying a doer-upper myself. Didnt get it . But will keep looking. I can empathize with your excitement and sense of new beginnings
  5. Tennis

    Tennis Member

    Good luck with the new house cp. Glad to see you have stayed on the correct path aswell.
  6. colimpool

    colimpool Active Member

    Thanks z, imout and Tennis

    Had a great and busy weekend, more boxes unpacked and friends over to have a snoop. things are getting straighter, we are getting there. Met some more neighbours and this place is really looking like a little oasis. it feels great and it didn't even rain yesterday, seems its been raining since Christmas here in the uk.

    porn not getting a chance to raise its ugly head. still smoking which needs to go. it will.

    shelves to put up today get the final boxes up and then the real work begins. imout, i thoroughly recommend a change of scenery, puts a fresh perspective on our lives

    as ever, i wish you all well out there.
  7. imout

    imout Active Member

    Funny, Col, I have started smoking again . Cant kick it altogether, I seem to quit for a month and then smoke for 1-2 weeks. Work in progress for me. Youll kick it eventually. If you can kick porn , ciggies shouldnt be unsurmountable
  8. GlennFarrar

    GlennFarrar New Member

    Congrats for a new beginning to your life.. It is really tough to come out of such situation but you did it with success.
  9. chicken

    chicken Guest

    Hi CP, nice to see that you are in your house and now making it your home. It must be nice to start fresh and get to work on a project like that...I am hoping to give up the rental soon and allow the bank to buy me a house.
  10. Beowulf

    Beowulf Member

    congrats on the move - so maybe a move would be just what I need, a new beginning...
    You sound really happy and excited, pleased for you.. not easy finding somewhere nice in London.

    Take care of yourself..
  11. Buckaroo

    Buckaroo New Member

    Congrats on the new home.
  12. colimpool

    colimpool Active Member

    Good morning All

    I just came by to say goodbye really. The forum just became a big circle for me. like everything else in life we have to change our core self. I have cut my porn habit very drastically this last year. which i am so happy i managed to do, with much help and support by all you chaps, it has been a wonderful journey. It had got to the point for me where i just repeated myself, i had nothing new to offer because i was stuck.

    Our lives are wonderful journeys, ones in which sometimes we feel in full control of. Of course we aren't. How can we be?

    Guilt is woven into the very fabric of pornography.

    I am here. I am a good man. I have my faults. I will continue to live my life in the best way i possibly can. the improvements to life by being porn free are wonderful. the don't help with the longings for undoing wrongs, but how can anything fix those?

    Men and Gracie, you have helped me so much on this part of my journey. As i have helped others. I am sorry i have reached the stage where i feel i cannot contribute something worthwhile to the forum. I wish you all you in finding the answers to your questions. they are there, they are all around us, you just have to look.

    All the very best, there is a better way and you all know it, as ever, keep on.

    love and peace.
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