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    Another day no PMO. Yesterday was pretty good..had the mens church breakfast, which I wasnt crazy about..Ive tried to be part of mens groups and just never been that into it. Everyone says how great they are and I just dont seem to feel it. Sometimes the sermons and overall experiences can be a bit much for me..when in the end Im trying to find good friends to laugh with and do right with.

    I did make the effort to see mom recover in the nursing home and feel like a good son. Ive been happy to my my time in.

    Last night I went to dinner with a friend and his wife and then we went to a college hockey game. It was a fun experience and I'm glad I got to start building a bond. This guy is awesome and we share a lot of laughs..its tough as he has a wife and baby so that limits our hangout time..6-7yrs ago he would have been a single dude to hangout with. Obviously I've whined and complained here endlessly about how tough it is to be single at 38 when all these guys now have wives and kids, but its a reality to deal with. I also notice how I find his wife unattractive, that I could never be attracted to her, even though she is good looking and many guys might find her attractive. I feel like damn..Im so picky, or judgmental or unwilling...but I simply cannot handle what I am attracted to and thats how it goes.

    Today is church, a little work and a Friendsgiving get together. Looking forward to it all.

    Stay the course..
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    Just to say, looks like the counters are working again.

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