A mile a day keeps fapping away

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by swagger25, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. swagger25

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    Your body is aching, you want to give into the feeling, and you know if you give in you'll feel guilty afterwords. You might think I'm describing the URGE to fap but actually I'm depicting the feeling you get when you are running a mile. Thier are a lot of similarities bewtween intense workouts and resisting the URGE with the feeling of just stop resisting and give into what your body wants. But you continue to push, but not with your body, but with your powerful mind. Your mind is what controls rather or not you finish your workout or if you give into fapping or not. When you workout intensely like running a mile, your training your mind to stay strong even when your body feels weak. So next time when your running or working out to the point of collaspe, remember that your not only helping your body, but also training your mind to stand strong in times of adversity.
  2. Wabi-sabi

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    I've had time off running after a knee injury. . . but this has triggered me to get out again at the weekend and try a gentle course around my neighbourhood.

    Running is the greatest. Mostly it's because you take on something you think is going to be painful, but overcome all that - it's like cold showers in that respect (which are even better after a run!). It also transforms your image of yourself.
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    Running is the best bang for the buck activity there is. And it doesn't have to be "painful" per say unless you're intentionally doing a hard workout. Most of my runs are at a comfortable effort. The key word being effort. It's never easy nor would I want it to be. I think most people who don't like running or quit, go out too hard and blow up. It takes a while to get fit and the process should be enjoyed and done in small amounts.
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    Dear Swagger...absolutely right. !!!
    Running, weight lifting...anything which puts you in the 'zone' of chaotic mind discomfort is good.
    Contrary to pop belief, the zone that is best for us is not the 'easy flow' but the chaotic, discomfortable, uneasy moments.
    And what you did in those moments- destroy the 'water slides' , the 'neural pathways' , that are built by the easy PMO that was going on on a daily basis.
    You made me to remind myself to put myself in those 'disco zones' the discomfortable zones again OP. thanks.

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