A Letter From My Future Self

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    Dear runningforfreedom,

    This is a letter from your future self, I am fifty years old now. I am writing to you to tell you what your future will be like if you do not stop looking at pornography.

    I am childless, and past my child-bearing years.

    I have never experienced intimacy, and no longer know the touch of a woman. I have nobody to love, and nobody to love me. My life is emotionally barren because I have spent the past fifteen years staring at a computer screen.

    I have no friends. Nobody to bring me warmth and comfort. I spend my days in complete isolation.

    And do you remember how much promise your career once showed? All that is out the window now. Because of my internet addiction, I wasted so much time at work my brain is now similar to a vegetable.

    I am also physically weak. I wasted the best years of my life. If I am lucky I will die soon, so that I will be put out of my misery.

    But it is not too late! You can still stop! By taking one day at a time, you can leave this destructive path! It will never materialize! But whatever you do, at whatever cost, do not look at pornography.

    You need to become a person who does not look at pornography. And if you do, then you will find a wife who loves you and create a wonderful family. Your career will flourish. You will know peace and happiness. You have to make that decision every day, until it becomes second nature.

    With Love,

    Your Future Self
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    May the man you become be more aligned with who you truly dream of being and not the man that you want to leave behind in the past.
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    Thanks so much, friend! I hope that we both become the men we dream of being.
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