A group of 8 men [GROUP]

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by cadcard, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Good point man and thanks for the encouragement. I really need that shit right now I'm starting to feel down.

    The worst part was when the girl finished, she smiled like a devil at the camera like "Haha look how I fucked you over". I could have sworn it was satan's face. lol.

    Oh and by the way guys. Incase your wondering how I got through my K9. I didn't.

    I have an iPad and iPhone. Those fucking bastards.

    I would not have relapsed if I didn't have them. I'm trying to find out a way to block them from accessing porn but I don't think there's a way. Can anyone help?
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    How do you marrieds know it's time to have sex with your wife again?

    Got a question for you married guys. How do you know when it's time again for sex with your wife? Is it a feeling of low energy, or a physical feeling, or does it just not come to mind till you're missing it? Or is it that you agreed to do it 3 times a week, and now it's Wednesday?? Or all the above?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    21 Days no-P

    Survived the vacation! Stayed away from porn and sites that affected me like porn.

    Wow, been really busy this last week dealing with affects of the Hurricane/Nor'easter on my folks place and getting back into the swing of things after vacation. Been a really hard week due to several difficult relational issues. Really tempted to escape but made good decisions.

    See Journal Post: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=2665.msg58020#msg58020
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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Dude, you said it right!

    I have the same issue with my Palm phone. Only saving grace is it's not as easy to surf as the i-gadgets are. :) Shot in the dark here, but I use OpenDNS for my DNS Lookup on my DSL network. It has a configurable access filter you can use to block many porn sites and manually add problem sites. Course it only works as a deterrant. You can get around most things you put in place yourself. It may be possible if you can configure your i-gadget DNS address to point it to OpenDNS.

    Anyway, I could be full of it regarding the i-gadgets. All I know is you can get apps for Andoid phones for porn filtering. However the same caveat about only being a deterrant (unless you can trust someone else to hold the password instead of you.)

    Hang in there dude! Keep learnin and workin on it. It does get better if you're honest and open to suggestions and doing the work. Yeah, I was a social toad when I started working recovery. The only thing I ever practiced socially was leaving and getting alone, (then jerking off.. :) ) Now I can pretty much hold my own and people often like me.

    Lots of hard work re-learning how to treat people like, well, people, instead of intrusions or 2D pictures... ;)

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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Thanks bro and hope everyone is doing great.

    I'm on day 5, just finished my day, kind of depressed but trying to deal with it. No strong urges to PMO. Last time I went up to 6 and relapsed, but I'll never do that again.
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    Re: A group of 8 men

  7. JustDoIt

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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Guys, been pre-occupied with stuff at home and dropped posting. Noticed a thought in the back of my brain that I got what I needed to get over the slump I was in so posting wasn't a priority anymore.

    BUT, that's not why I signed up, and I think it's not true anyway. Signed up because I don't have a lot of external comaraderie with guys recovering from porn and was looking to the forum to supply some of that. So, been realizing I need to get back to posting. I usually apply all my effort to the current problem, but thinking I need to practice making time even if only a little to keep doing the good things that helped. So, working on re-making this a habbit.

    fedup, saw your ping. Say, what're you up to n how are things going? Are you posting somewhere else or in a journal?

    StopThePorno, how you doing with the iThing stuff? Better? Hang in there dude! I was keeping a log of my clean time during some periods of my recovery and I've got a record of lots of short periods before things started to click. I had to start gathering different tools and tricks I could use to get over the urges when they came, and I had to develop the persistence to try another if the first didn't work, or a third, etc if the second didn't work. Slowly (SLOWLY) I started believing that I COULD find a way to get the help I needed to turn away myself. So it started becoming easier to feel confident, and that helped me feel less of a shit - ie, less helpless. Now I realize it doesn't make me less of a man to know I need and depend on the fellowship of other recovering guys to stay clean. I'm more of a competent man because I acknowledge this need.

    I had another day where I just felt bad for a couple hours. Happened a couple weeks ago too I think. Did some praying that helped, took a nap, then got up to do somthing & had a better rest of the day. Been feeling a lot of resolve lately. Some days I feel like I want some excitement and if I'm looking for info, some sites can be a problem because of the ads or the other suggested links. I've been making the right choices to not go there, but sometimes I just have to get off because I feel too much of a temptation to "just take a look". Arg, sort of like the iPad. I don't want ads or suggested sites!!! I would be safer just to get what I was looking for. I am using OpenDNS and since I want to stay clean, it's been helping. But I can't depend on it alone!!

    Journal entry: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=2665.msg63246#msg63246
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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Amen to that, brother! :)
    The reality is that there are obstacles in this life I simply cannot get over without getting a leg-up from one of my brothers. Funny how we learn this sort of thing in the most elite military training on earth, yet many of us men consider ourselves somehow 'less' for applying it elsewhere in our lives.
    Go figure! ???
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    Re: A group of 8 men

    Congrats on 103 days JD! Yup!! Yet another reason to be grateful for the addiction (and the RECOVERY :) ).

    Just a quickie post today. Midnight, and I have yet to haul the trash to the curb. (It's not procrastination, it's... "less than perfect" time Management. ::) ) 34 Days no-P! Resolve good. happy amidst the storms.

    Journal entry: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=2665.msg64212#msg64212
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    10/20/12: 37 days

    37 days and struggling with several issues. Emotions are so fickle. I can feel on top of the world one day, and like the world is crushing in on me the next. Sheesh. Really helps journaling and talking with family and friends. Really appreciate the forum and everyone on it.

    Journal entry: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=2665.msg65702#msg65702
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  12. JustDoIt

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    3 Days no-P, Some good inventory

    Feeling pretty good about self today. Dealing with job prospects and trying to work on my project checklists rather than procrastinate.

    Took a look at my recovery and see some good changes despite my struggles to look for R-rated stuff that I get aroused from.

    Journal entry: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=2665.msg78004#msg78004
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    Never noticed this thread before. How has it worked out? Is it still going?
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    Hi AI, no it broke up. I made the last posts to it. It seems like the forum is setup for guys doing their own journal and popping into other's journals. The guys who started this either dropped out of the forum or didn't want to post stuff both here and to their own journals. Too much typing online!

    After it broke up, JDoe started a mentoring thread in the 19+ age group, that you might be interested in reviewing. Not sure what the status of it is tho.
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    hey guys - join us for the totally FREE telephone conference call support meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST 1 pm EST:

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    Re: A group of 8 men 40-60 yo[GROUP]

    I'd like to restart this group. I can't beat this on my own.

    Any takers?
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    Back in, Cadcard. How are things?

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