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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by fcjl8, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Hi FCJ

    I remember you from my last incarnation here. Managing our fears , emotions and self-doubts can manifest in so many guises and it is taking a great deal of humility for me to accept that I have used PMO and other compulsive sexual behaviours to cope for so long and that the re-wiring in my brain that this has created will likely always be there and I will always need to be conscious and careful. If I am honest I resent having to do that in the same way that I resent having to accept that after a number of years free from using escorts I just slipped right back there. Why I no longer PMO is a mystery to me and in my darkest hours it is a consolation as I remember how awful it was and an encouragement as I know that I have the ability to stop. Question is getting to the desire tobe like that for ever. It's the ambivalence and capacity to tolerate less than 100% which ultimately gets me.

    Great to read about your gratitude. That's a great gift to have the ability to be grateful.

    All the best
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    Stopping by to say hello to my brothers at YBR... well Hello.

    Have been reading your posts and keeping really busy with work, family and life... no time for PMO whatsoever and no interest in it. In fact, my long season of depression and anxiety, Feb thru mid September, vanished... abruptly on Wednesday about 3 weeks back... just like a light switch flicking. It was quite a shock actually as the few days before had been pretty bleak and I saw no end in sight. Very happy to have colour, taste, smell and joy back.

    The men here at YBR have been true brothers standing with me through that dark season and I am grateful.

    Bless you all.
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    Hi fcjl8, good to hear that you are doing well. If you dont mind, could you please elaborate a bit about what you did before the depression disappeared? I mean, how long have you stayed of P. before that, did you change your diet or take any special supplements or things like that? I´m asking because I´m also often very depressed for months. Thanks and keep it going. Posts like yours are very encouraging and motivational. Really very happy to hear that you came out of the depression and anxiety.
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    Billy B. PMO is NOT an option!

    Bloody Brilliant! :)
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    WAHOOOO!!! :D
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    Awesome news! I feared the worst.

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