A better life because I deserve it

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    Hello every one.
    I just signed up here, I’m so happy to be a part of this forum
    I’m Amun(a screen man for sure) 21 years old from Egypt.
    I’ve been addicted to masturbation from a long time ago and porn after this.
    porn has ruined my life in many ways.
    PIED coming and going
    I miss my old days hard long time erections
    I’m not sexually good I can know this
    I don’t know if I have any more problems cause I didn’t try it with a girl before
    But I know this is going to be better when I get rid of this addiction for good.
    I want to live a better life cause I deserve this
    Loving people more, love myself more, be more socialized,be focused oh god I miss this
    I feel I’m not focused at anything in my life
    I want to watch a movie and feel the feeling of focusing and enjoying every second of it!
    I’m gonna do it for me and only for me I deserve it.
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