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    Many of us likes to occasionally drink some alcohol or smoke some pot. Personally I prefer some marijuana from time to time, since I find alcohol pretty boring and less enjoyable than weed, which relaxes me and makes me an overall happier person, except from those bad trips when I sometimes get a paranoid, still I find marijuana much more pleasant than alcohol and it does feel less harmful to my body than alcohol.

    But I've noticed a few things about marijuana - the side effects are very similiar to those that comes with a PMO addiction. After marijuana use my testosterone levels feels decreased (it's well known that marijuana lowers testosterone in men) and I feel slightly socially phobic, also a bit more stiff in my body, a bit brain fog (like after a PMO binge), if I smoke before I go to sleep I sleep a little longer and wake up not as refreshed as I should be. so it's like marijuana is very similiar to an orgasm for me? My voice is a little weaker also and generally I feel like I make a big set back into my reboot. Thing is that this reboot thing is a huge distress for me, my mood is going rollercoaster mode everyday and I really need a joint to kill the mental pain sometimes.

    What's your thoughts about this? Has anyone recovered with regular marijuana smoking?

    Adds: I smoke without tobacco, since I hate nicotine and tobacco (it does big harm for the health) and also smoking without using tobacco is good for avoiding the paranoia that comes with weed sometimes.


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