90 days reboot hoax. It takes 14 months on average, not 3 months, for severe cases at least!

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    14 months with proper treatment and rehabilitation. Which means, it has to be 14 months of hard mode, if you're a severe case, no orgasm, no porn, no masturbation, minimal touching and minimal arousal. If you are a severe case and have been stuck in which seems to be an eternal flatilne, there's no cure but to suck it up, and go through it.

    I consider myself a severe case too, 9 months and counting, it has not been a clean 9 months, and also have been flatlining even before starting my reboot, so that's like 1 and half years of flatlining .

    I find this article making more sense, i am following yourbrainrebalanced, mofap, and reboot nation forums, ttacking severe users, comparing and making connection to their pmo history, frequency and severity. Some users like "pornfreesme", "alex13", "anonymous 86" and others seem to be stuck in this endless loop.

    Its preferred to reset your counter if you're a severe case like us, cut off all sexual contact with women in order to avoid arousal, and prevent me access to all social media and places where there are potential porn substitutes. It's needed even if most of us here lost their ability to feel aroused... With presistence, and when our dopamine receptors starts to heal, we would be getting glimpses of arousal and libido.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you, unfortunately i have ocd and it's pretty bad too. Something to consider as well... I remember feeling my libido and desire to watch porn shut down instantly when i saw my dik going soft as soon as i stopped touching it, and since then my porn addiction got cured in 1 second. Also i lost my libido, desire for sex and women, and my ed got worse.

    Definetly some trauma there and ocd is playing something, as i always have realized that pmoing was wrong and i should stop it.
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    Yes, for about a month, maybe a little bit more, i notice slight improvements, but it's too early to tell.
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    Substance or porn both very similar if not the same, the addiction here is dopamine and desensitization of the dopamine sensors responsible of sexual arousal, they are different from the normal dopamine sensors.

    Also each brain is different, some people might use porn all their lives but don't reach damage level which would cause sexual dysfunction. The same as why some people would heal quickly and others not.
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    This is just not true bro
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    I’ve seen many success stories of people that have rebooted without doing hardmode that long.
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    You guys should calm down a little bit. It’s right, it’s taking longer for guys today than ten years ago. But the famous 90-day reboot certainly isn’t a hoax, it still works for guys who don’t have severe PIED, we still see it every once in a while. In all cases, nobody’s trying to lie to you on this forum, nobody ever said you needed 90 days to heal from PIED. Calling this a hoax isn’t very smart, in my opinion.

    Secondly, you don’t seem to realize that you’re making up a new theory based solely on cases of guys who are still not healed. You’re taking your own personal opinions, with some very isolated facts, and some information from a random website, and then you write a new theory. You’re not going to convince anybody this way. You’re more likely to scare and discourage guys who want to reboot, with ideas like that.

    Calm down, take it easy. Go hard mode if you think you need it, but don’t generalize. Look at cases of guys who rebooted successfully and look at what they did to get there. That’s how you build a theory, not the other way around, like you do. Look at the facts, man. Read success stories, not only stories from guys who are still not healed. Those guys may have other issues, who knows? I’m seeing a physiotherapist right now, just for the sake of ruling out other causes, but it seems I have pelvic issues, and I didn’t even know it. It might be the same thing with those guys. There are plenty of things that cause ED...

    And please, stop tagging and mentioning other rebooters like you do. I don’t think they appreciate to be mentioned in a post like yours. They are real people, and some of them are dealing with discouragement, so be considerate before to do this next time.
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    Pelvic issues what is this? can you give me some information on this topic?intermittently i have back pain in the morning when i wake up

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