9 months and erections hard as steel. Goddamn !!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by confusedindividual, May 28, 2016.

  1. Sex is obviously less frequent and sometimes my girl is not in the mood but when we actally have sex goddamn !!! I've found sometimes less is more as we obviously have sex less frequently now we've been together longer but I'm also able to get hard just making out with her drives me wild. Listen guys don't let sex become a routine or your girl will get bored, always surprise her when she wants it rough be gentle, when she wants just caressing give her rough sex always keep her guessing, love her but don't always give her what she wants or she won't respect you. This is a learning experience for me. Don't miss porn one bit. If you quit porn your brain forces you to search for other alternatives I got rejected before meeting this girl I'm with. Hope this helps someone.
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    I love these kinds of success stories. Congrats on taking control of you life and enjoy the fruits of your labor, so to speak.
  3. Good for you to mate
  4. would you bother to give any insight on your developement/starting point???!!

    you post under success STORIES

  5. I started nofap in october of 2014 and met my girlfriend end of august 2015. I would go three months straight without watching porn then relapse and start all over again. If you check out my earlier posts you will see the chronological evolution of the person I was prior to meeting my girlfriend and the guy I became.
  6. Hey confused, how did you meet your girlfriend? I read all your posts and would like to know more about your story. How long of complete abstinence before you got that sexual drive for woman again? i'm nearly 3 months and am starting to notice girls a lot more now but my dick and brain still having trouble putting 1 and 2 together.
  7. funny one

    i think it really depends on how deep you were into porn before. how fast your brain generally restructures, how good of a reboot you do etc etc

    also there are a lot of different stages i think. the connection you are missing right now i would suspect to become alive in about maximum 3 months more. then i think there come different new (at least for me and i was always more or less social and often around chicks) aspects of social feelings and connections. i do care a lot more for people now then i did before. i dont know if it does any good though...

    in the end i would not ask about specific times because this gives you the impression that smth should change at a certain time and this will often not work out. furthermore this could make you think that you may quit if things dont work out like "planned" if you know what i mean.

    all in all just check if anything changes and if for a real long time nothing happens and from i read in this forum it takes 10-15 months for somepeople it still is the best shot you have to wait even more.
  8. I met her through a friend I was seeing last summer. I had been going to the gym and was partying alot.

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