8 months and still in the flatline

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  1. I've been at it for a while now and although my life has changed since nofap I am still as riddled with self doubt as I have always been. Maybe I was expecting too much from nofap and quitting porn but it's like my friends constantly tell me I should and could be more self confident but I still am very shy around attractive females. It's like I feel so different than everyone else, like I'm a misfit. My life took a nasty turn after high school and I got into excessive drinking and then later on excessive cannabis smoking which I've both quit quite recently, and have even give up smoking cigarettes for the last week. I experienced real happiness once in my life and that was in high school when I had some confidence going and was on the verge of dating a girl I liked. I was watching alot of porn at the time and remember realising that an attempt at sex would be useless cos my cock felt numb. Now I have quit porn for like eight months (with 2 relapses and a few times masturbating without porn and quite a few wet dreams) and I have to be honest, things aren't really any better than before, to the point where I'm doubting that porn was ever the problem in the first place or I am just a fucked up individal. Also I should mention I was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago which had me doubting myself even more. Maybe I'm still in the flatline but I should mention I didn't used to fap that often before discovering, only like 3 times a week or something it was especially like during my teenage years and early adult life that I would fap like crazy. Also I am on antipsychotics and anti-depressants which don't help.
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    I am on antipsychotic too.
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    dude i literally only came out of a flat line. and I'm just gone 9 months!.

    my depression just lifted one day

    its such a big brain change that it causes a flat line.. exhaustion I'm guessing.

    stick at it your doing well.

    One thing i never had was self dought i always told myself that i will see the light even though the porn brain was fighting against it.

    Just go out and thing ur thing man
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    You need to wean yourself off the anti-depressant, because it destroys your libido and motivation. I used to be on SSRI until I realize that it is just another drug; it doesn't make me not depressed, it just makes me numb to my depression. Fortunately for me it only took me one month to wean it off, plus another month of tolerable withdrawals. But if you are on an anti-psychotic then I don't know what to say, I have no experience with that topic. I believe that at 8 months you are recovered from porn, seeing that you weren't into very heavy stuff. I truly believe the SSRI is the cause of your "flat-line". I also have a feeling that your schizophrenia is not real, but an acute effect of your drinking, cannabis, and cigarette use. Come up with a plan to wean off your SSRI. Stay on your anti-psychotic until you are free of alcohol/cannabis/nicotine for about 6 months, because they too come with withdrawal effects, then start to eliminate your anti-psychotic from your life. Mind you that I used to be a heavy drinker, did cocaine, smoked cigarette, on anti-depreseeant, and a heavy PMO user. I am on day 82 and my life has turned for the better, and so can you! I am starting to think that you are at the wrong forum too haha :D if you are flat-lining at 8 months then its definitely not PMO related.

    Try looking at the positives. The fact that you had wet dreams is a good thing. I am on day 84 of no PMO and still haven't had a wet dream yet. You may actually be more recovered than you think. One day you will look back and say that it wasn't as hard as you thought it would be in hindsight. Try to keep busy. You need to take control of your mind. I am pretty sure that you did not consciously decide to think about negative things. If your mind is idling, then your subconscious mind will decide to think FOR YOU and 100% of the time it will GIVE YOU something negative to think about. Make a habit of catching yourself having negative thoughts and change the topic to something positive if you can. If you have $15, go buy a copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. His techniques works for everything, not just for getting rich. There are also free online copies if you just google it. I would print it out and highlight the important things than just simply reading it.

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