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  1. VDA

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    Here is my story:

    I am in my early 20s. As many others here I found porn and masturbation when I was 12 or 13. I remember that my first masturbation was exactly to porn and it felt so good, that i was hooked on them both from the beginning. In the beginning of my habits i didn't need alot of things to get me off. I would jerk off to lingerie models, music clips with hot chicks and as a matter of fact anything that had a glimpse of ass or tits exposed in it, lol.

    As time passed by and i finally got a broadband connection and a private room, I started jerking off exclusively to porn. The material was getting more and more graphic but i didn't change to the more extreme genres ( i find most of them disgusting ). I used however to change the scenes over and over again, so i can experience novelty all the time and have a more powerfull orgasms. I used to do it alot averaging at list 2-3 times daily.

    When I had my first sexual encounter i was 18. I liked the girl but when things progressed to the bedroom, I was unable to do absolutely anything and no matter how hard I tried I was so shaken up by anxiety and embarrassment that nothing happen down there. It freaked me out big time and i remember that i went straight home streaming a vid with one of my favourite porn stars to see if everything is in working order. Ofcourse i was able to get off and relaxed that i was just to worried about my first time. However over the next few months we had countless attempts for sexual intercourse but I never was able to actually penetrate the girl.. In the end i decided that she is just not my type and broke up with her. She took it really hard, but i didn't really cared about it, since I was a blaming her for my problems.

    Out of the relationship I continued my porn use which finally escalated to same really weird fetishes. I have always adored anything about a women's body and especially the ass. Over the period of the next few years this fetish pushed me to watch more and more body and ass worship which led to the genre of mild female domination. This was the exclusive porn that I was watching over the next few years . It got to the point where I would seek out professional mistresses from my area so I could fulfill my fantasies. Gladly there is this barrier that I could not let a random person humiliate me for any reason which prevented me from going down that road.

    When I met my next girlfriend , the same problems started occuring again. I couldn't penetrate her for the first months of the relationship but luckily she was really understanding and adoring girl and helped me relax and overcome my anxiety. I really liked the girl so I started actively seeking ways to cure my ED. It was around that time that i found YBOP. Just two weeks in the reboot we finally had a successfull intercourse and i lost my virginity at age of 22. However sex was boring and the reason for that was that my dick was so desentized to my hard grip masturbation, that once inside a pussy i couldn't feel absolutely anything. Most of the time i would go limp after a few minutes and even if I was horny and fuck for close to a hour i never really came close to climax. BJ and intercourse didn't do absolutely anything to me. The few times that i had samo sensation was when she was getting sore at the end. Ofcourse at that time it starts to get painfull for her so we had to stop.

    It was really hard to keep my head clear with all the sex and the delayed ejaculation problem. I relapsed multiple times to porn even though I had seen the positive results clearly. After a binge I always had ED problems for at least a week that even a blue pill could not fix. After awhile this routine got just too much for her and she broked up with me. I was devastated but decided its finally time to get rid of this stupid shit once and for all. It has been 8 months since .....

    I fail over and over again, and i really think that i had two stretches for over 30 days that were succesfull reboots and I could of had good sex. However everytime i get some action with a woman, I am so horny next few days that the binge is inevatable. Two days ago I hooked up with a girl and almost ended up at her place. However nothing happen and I was left horny and frustrated. Yesterday i PMO-t 3 times. This thing stops now!

    I'll never masturbate to porn again and will do a 60 days reboot of complete absistance starting today. Good luck to you all and sorry for the bad english( it's not my first language).
  2. XmasTURbatorX

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    Wow, this was like reading about my own life - my story is very similar to yours.

    Having erection problems with hot girls in bed is just humiliating. We CAN get riddle of these problems forever! YOU can get rid of them! We're all in the same boat. Stay strong brother! It will definetely pay off.
  3. TheUnderdog

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    Your english is great man.

    It's amazing how we can all relate so well to our stories. The watching multiple scenes to experience novelty all the time, the not being able to get it up with attractive girlfriends, the escalation to more specific fetishes, the not feeling or enjoying sex that much, the chaser effect, etc.

    There are likely millions of men suffering from porn induced ED right now. Most of them are probably unaware porn is the root of their problems. I wish they could all find this site or YBOP.

    The good news is that it's curable. At least to the point where you can have successful sex and enjoy it. Some people say they regain the libido and erections of being a 15 year old.

    I like your 60 days goal.

    Looking forward to read your progress. You can do this man.
  4. VDA

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    10 days update

    Excluding the first few days it has been a perfect run. The flashbacks were quite annoying in the beginning, but now have deminished totally. I am starting to have closer relations with a girl I've been liking for years and have no problem at all with porn cravings.

    I have decided that there is no more porn for me and I am completely confident in my success. However currently I am in the flatline zone, which always frustrates me cause I don't like to feel like an eunich at all.

    Anyways staying strong and wish you guys all luck. We can beat this. :)
  5. machok

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    This is so similar to my own story that it's almost ridicules :D Personally I didn't think it was hard to stay away from porn during the flatline period, but it's really frustrating to feel that your manhood dies slowly. Just beware of possible triggers and your brain trying to fool you. I read an online newspaper article about weight training when suddenly a big fitness ass picture appeared at the bottom of the page and 5 minutes later I was back on my usual tubes. Keep on going man, you are doing great so far !
  6. VDA

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    21 days

    Good run until today - I had some porn related dreams but other than that I was feeling fine and libido was def going up.

    Yesterday at the club I got a boner from talking to a girl - just from close talking in the ear... I felt like some horny dog or a perv in someway cause I had to do some funny shit to conceal it. LOL

    However today for whatever reason I decided to browse some escort forums and sites from my country. It was really exciting and I almost stroked myself to orgasm. I managed to stop myself but I am not happy with it. In my previous reboot attempts I was always peaking at images, films and escort sites and this eventually always led me to relapse. In this one however I managed to stay 20 days with no peaking whatsoever. I guess watching Project X today in cinema plus the fact that yesterday I had some close interactions with girls triggered something and led me to this. I will remove it completely from now on.

    I don't know if i should count that as a relapse. It may have slowed something but I don't think the damage is big enough. So 21 days almost clear and no O. I am seeing the benefits already and I am looking forward to complete success. :)

    Good luck to all.
  7. VDA

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    30 days

    Well pretty big cravings the last week and not porn related. I was just feeling like a lust ball all day long. Constantly imagining things with different girls. With my longest streak with porn I would of gone 40 days witn no PMO and I became so horny that the situation become just unbearable . I feel at the same stage at the moment. Part of the reason is that i hurt my finger and I am not able to train and spend energy elsewhere- gotta heal up in the next week so I can't wait to get back on track with my training

    I masturbated today for the first time in 30 days. I used nothing but just sensation. Big improvements in this department - before a month there was no way to MO succesfully without porn aid or fantasy. Still needed hard grip to O, thought... I just needed relieve so bad. Anyway I won't let this little slip distract me from my goal. I am porn free for 30 days with one MO today. 30 more days of absistance - Here we go! :)
  8. wayne_992

    wayne_992 New Member

    good going man, thats a huge accomplishment to reach day 30. and yeah that same thing with masturbation with nothing ut just sensation happened to me today also . All you gotta do now is keep away from the porn and cut down on the M.

    check out my journal
  9. VDA

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    35 days - RELAPSE

    I pmo-d today and I am feeling kind of down at the moment. The last few days I have been a lust ball all day long. Following my MO 5 days ago the chaser has been really strong.

    Yesterday I spent few hours browsing through different escort pages, photos and stories and eventually to the specific fetish I have.... I stopped myself and called a girl I have some history with to hangout, which turned into makeout session. I can't remember the last time I have been so horny while kissing. I was hard maybe 90% of the time with erections and honestly thought that I am going to explode - There was also alot of precum. I guess you can see some good progress in the ED department.

    Anyways today I have continued my activities from yesterday and the inevatable happened... I've spent over 5 hours the last 2 days browsing stupid sites and faped once. The orgasm was intense and I really hope to stop with this shit from today on and I hope that the chaser is not to strong.

    So far I see all the benefits and I am feeling i have made alot of progress. However my addiction is still there and I am not sure whats the best plan to overcome it. Any opinions and advise is welcome. Good luck to you all. :)
  10. Hopefully

    Hopefully Guest

    You made a good run....35 days is a cool achievement!

    Now stay strong and walk on! You can do it!

    Good luck on your journey!

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