6 years of PIED, going to get rid of it now.

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Shiva, May 28, 2018.

  1. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    Alright guys ive been on this forum for 5 years. I'm 26 and Ive had PIED for 6 years and I've been fighting it ever since. For the last 6 years I could only ever get to 30 days, and 40. Last year I met a girl and she helped me get to 50. We broke up and I got to 60 days.

    After 60 days I still had PIED and I hit rock bottom. I quit my job and focused completely on defeating this. I got to 84 days 14 days ago and I saw the most improvement ever. I got so close to getting rid of PIED. I did relapse but not to porn. It didn't send me all the way back as previous relapses would and I didn't binge but I still have this.

    It's now day 14 of no PMO and im so determined to defeat this.

    I'll give day to day updates.
  2. themammothrept

    themammothrept Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forums Shiva! Congrats on the 84 days! Sound like you are well on your way to recovery. Wish you the best with your reboot and please keep us updated!
  3. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    Ah man thanks for replying Matt.

    I just relapsed a few hours ago. Feel like crap. Day 0 now. I realize i need to abstain until I never go into the flatline.

    Does anyone want to start a group chat via skype or google hangout? Preferably people who suffer from PIED and can speak english.
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  4. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    All my relapses happen when i cant sleep. Im gonna try and wake up everyday at 7.
  5. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Hi Shiva,

    I am trying to u see why you quote your job to focus on recovery....

    For me the time I am at work is the main time when I will not relapse... because I’m at work.

    Do you not find that now you have more time on your hands... and therefore more potential time to have a relapse?

    84 days is really impress btw! Great effort!
  6. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    The stress of jobs always makes me relapse

    Im pretty occupied throughout my days. I walk 3 times a day. I also never relapse during the day, it's always when i get hit with insomnia.

    I woke up early today so im gonna keep doing that.

    Im at day 1

    Im gonna shoot for 6 months.
  7. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Oh right fair.

    If you get hit with your cravings during the night, have you tried not having internet connected devices in your bedroom?

    I stopped taking my phone to my bed room and it really helped a lot.

    Wow 6 months yeah that would be pretty sweet to achieve!
  8. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    Well, I'm at 70 days no PMO complete hard mode. Feeling incredible. Ive had insane erections in the last week. Ive also been seeing a therapist every week. Only 110 days left!
  9. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    74 days no PMO. Feels like im entering a mini flatline or partial flatline. The anger and irritability when im in a flatline is unreal, does anyone else get like that?
  10. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Hey man, wow 74 days!

    That’s amazing dude.

    Yeah I get pretty irritable on some day after a relapse.

    Think it’s normal and just gotta remember that it will pass.
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  11. Shiva

    Shiva New Member

    Im 103 days hardmode no PMO

    Currently in a flatline but im experiencing something ive never had in flatlines, i get no night or morning wood and during the day my penis is mostly dead but out of nowhere ill get random spontaneous erections.

    Ive never experienced this while in a flatline. Normally id only get spontaneous erections when im out of a flatline.

    Ive never gone this far no PMO. Im gonna keep going till i never have this.

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