6 Years no PMO and still in a flatline!! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Pornfreesmee, Oct 21, 2016.

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    See Dr.Freud's post :)
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  2. Alex__13

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    In my opinion this shit its not curable only abstaning pmo.
    Probably in mild cases of ed it still works but in severe cases it doesn't ..and we are no exceptions ... it doesn't work for anyone !!!
    I have a girlfriend she works on a webchat site, she told me that ,she had hundreds of young boys with this problem, they talked about it, they told me that tried everything !! they spent a lot of money ... none of them healed !! young people !! I said that now I try 6 months hard mode .... she told me ... you would be the first of 100 I know about this problem and he was healed. I talked to a tantra teacher ... he asked me ... did you hear anyone heal of this?
    Where did I go wrong ?
    For years we masturbated using only imagination ... we did not focus on how we feel in the dick. Slowly the brain reprogrammed itself by not showing interest in the senses feelings in the penis only in those in the imagination of the brain. Slowly it disconnected completely from the brain and I was left without senses in dick.
    The tantra teacher also told me that libido comes from a close connection between the dick and the brain ...and evry orgasm reduce this connection , the two are strongly connected to the strong libido. In our case, this explains the lack of libido. In the case of hard mode, do nothing but interrupt this connection even more, you will never heal !!! only easy -mild case working , and after five orgasm libido leaves you again ...I read this in many cases !!
    What to do ... all the tantra teacher told me ... try to masturbate use feelings in your dick without imagination !!!
    Without reaching orgasm !!! Just try to produce an erection by manual stimulation, without any imagination !!! just what you feel in the dick. it must be done daily ... more and more !!! whenever possible dick must be reconnected to the brain through these senses !!! Otherwise you will remain impotent forever !!!... the tantra teacher told me.
    I'm starting to believe what I heard ...
  3. Thisworld

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    Gary wilson said that people with pied are never cured? What are you talking about?
  4. Pornfreesmee

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    Thanks man. I’ve tried many different things, some very out of the box methods too without success. My story isn’t all that rare to be honest. Most stories like mine tend to leave behind the forums after a few year without success, but I guess I’m just too stubborn to give up. There has to be a reason why so many of us aren’t recovering and its not just young guys who started on porn during our adolescence, which is why I don’t accept the sexual conditioning/rewiring theory. I strongly believe that 2-3 years without a single relapse to porn, masturbation or orgasm might be the answer for hard cases. I’m 18 months without MO now, and regardless of what happens I won’t ever masturbate again. Glad to have a fellow Brit on the forum :)

    These posts don't share the full story for sure. They also don't account for any possible underlying health conditions at work. What I found most interesting is in case 1 where the guy shared that he was able to have successful sex for a short while but apparently over did it with the O's. Its an experience that echoes a lot of reports on these forums. It seems that when a recovering addict attempts to rewire to normal sex, they need to do it gradually and allow time for the body to catch up. They ultimately have to listen to themselves and prepare to apply the breaks when need be.

    Yeah it seems that many of us who quit experience a temporary increase in libido after quitting followed by a deep flatline, which is in line with what many drug users experience after quitting. AKA - Post acute withdrawal syndrome. I agree orgasms seem to be interlinked to the recovery, which is why many guys sends themselves back into flatness after having sex. We certainly can’t take any assumptions when it comes to peoples recovery account, but we can take away a general trend of recovery from reading many different stories. Who knows how long science will take to catch on, which is why for now we can only use anecdote to guide us. The 23 month flatline story I provided a link to is someone I’ve had frequent contact with and asked every possible question I could think of. Essentially he went 23 months no orgasm, no porn, no masturbation, with the occasional wet dream and morning wood. He felt zero libido for 23 months and one day just snapped out of it. This might not be typical, but this isn’t the only case like this and so we have to prepare our minds for a recovery which follows the same pattern.
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    I masturbated for the first time in kindergarten! And I continued to masturbate for the rest of my life, the average start of masturbation is from 7 years old! I found my daughter masturbating at the age of 8 years old! when I entered in room without knocking on the door.
    Of course without any fantasy .... My first contact with sexuality was somewhere at 12 years old at school and yet I masturbated many years before! Just for the pleasure of what I felt! In these years a very strong connection has developed between dick and brain!
    My first orgasm with ejaculation was somewhere around 13 years old ... I was masturbating long before!Without orgasm!
  6. Alex__13

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    Even this Nacho Vidal I don't think he can compete with an obsessed with pmo! Who does pmo 3 times a day! At least in my case! This means 1000 orgasms in one year! Worse is how I did it! Exciting me almost exclusively on visual stimuli without giving importance to the senses in the penis ... It had to be exactly the opposite.
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    I think that there is always hope. Gabe Deem started from a very young age and was masturbating from the age of 5, yet still managed to recover. He managed this through the rewiring method, however, I think that you are absolutely right when you write that every brain is different and that we are all on our own recovery journey. I am still convinced though that it is possible for us all to heal.

    I think lots of guys leave the online forums when they feel that they no longer need the community so the silence of these users should not necessarily be taken to mean that they never got to the stage they were aiming for in their recovery.

    I found from experience too that I feel a lot better on hard mode than when I trialled MO last year. I am still not sure whether this is a placebo or whether there is something serious recovery related to it either but I know for sure that hard mode is the way for me. Masturbation doesn't really add much to my life and comes at a price.

    I wish you the best in your recovery :)
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