6 Years no PMO and still in a flatline!! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Pornfreesmee, Oct 21, 2016.

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    I have the symptoms as mentioned in this post. What is it likely then?
  2. SkyIsTheLim1t

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    How long have you had it for?
  3. SkyIsTheLim1t

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    Hey what’s your update please.
  4. Mickeymouse

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    It's over 2 + years now. I have been pmo free for some 150+ days , 250 days etc in the past . I m relapsing now. But
  5. SkyIsTheLim1t

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    I’m on same boat, I haven’t watched porn or fapped since May 2019 and my erections are still weak. I actually broke my streak today :(. Still no luck. Don’t know what to do :(
  6. Mickeymouse

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    Do you have weakness like back pain lower abdomen pain if you do some physical activity. Also I have loose bowels with even slight stress on stomach. I cannot concentrate on work for long stretches . I wake up tired. I have almost zero motivation even when I don't pmo. My pennis is weak it leaks easily. I can feel this particular aspect. Also I have very bad odour farts every now and then.
  7. Pornfreesmee

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    Well either way I’m definitely not asexual. Prior to quitting porn I had a sex drive and could achieve an erection from MO. I’ve tried other Ed meds, but viagra is the only one that works well for me. The problem is that it’s bad for my heart! I guess other Ed treatments like are there like you say, but I consider those last resort treatments due to the risks and complications. For the time being I haven’t given up completely on curing this naturally...
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    Guts and Doper. I’ve been looking considering low-t as a possibility lately. Here’s the results of the blood test I took roughly one year ago.

    Free Testosterone
    0.33 nmol/L
    9.5 ng/dl
    95 pg/dl

    625.4 ng/dl
    21.7 nmol/L

    Bioavailable Testosterone
    8.03 nmol/L
    231.4 ng/dl

    44.7 g/l

    3.02 IU/L

    5.63 IU/L

    112 pmol/L

    148 mU/L

    55.6 nmol/L

    1.6 mIU/L

    So I’ve been looking into this far the last couple of weeks, and it’s seems whilst my testosterone level is pretty good my free testosterone is on the lower side of normal due to a high shbg level. If researched all of the natural ways to increase free testosterone and lower shbg. So my plan is for the next 6 months tosupplement with 10mg boron to lower shbg, 200mg dim to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, cut alcohol completely and avoid exposure to xenoestrogens. I’m also going to be eating in a slight calorie surplus for the next six months. At the time of my last test I had been in a calorie deficit for a while and was around 8 percent bodyfat and had been drinking more alcohol than normal, which I believe effected the result. I’m still skeptical about this being a hormonal issue because I lost my libido after quitting porn. I did start training with weights a few months after quitting aswell, and at one point I got worried my libido might have been lost from working out. But I tried a 3 month period off from weight lifting and my libido didn’t come back. Also heres a link to an article Gary Wilson from YBOP wrote about low testosterone treatment which makes me skeptical.

    Another thing to add is that a good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with low T ironically. His T levels are super low around 8 nmol/l, so he definitely has low t, which he thinks maybe a result from some steroid cycles he did when he was younger. He showed me his results and even though his T is very low; his shbg and estrogen are lower than mine, so his free T isn’t all that much lower. His free testosterone is 0.282 nmol/L where’s mine 0.33 nmol/L. I asked him if he has any sex drive or Ed issues and he said he has no issues and a good sex drive still, and that it’s just his energy levels that are the main syptom he suffers with. My friend is very open with his problems so I know he’s telling the truth. So it makes me a little skeptical, but I’m gonna to give these new habits a try for the next six months and do another blood test. I’ll check back with the results in 6 months
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