6 Years no PMO and still in a flatline!! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Pornfreesmee, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Man,check out this thread, see if you relate to what he says.Personally i do. I started doing the exercise yesterday, let's see if it helps.
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    Man, Have you taken neurological medication when was tennager?
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    Here is your problem. Stop giving in to that mental urge and wait till your whole body will respond to a girl.
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    Yeah I can deffinetley relate to what he says. I always used to clench my pc muscle to maintain hardness but since realising a few years ago I have always tried to keep everything relaxed.
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    No never
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    Yeah you could be right, but I have gone on two pretty long streaks (6 months no O and also 5.5 months no O recently without improvement). For the time being I am going to continue to abstain, but at some point there has to be a cutoff. Ive seen guys on this forum who have abstained completely anywhere from for 1-5 years with no improvements in erections or libido, so there is no guarantee that abstinence will cure me.
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    **** Update ****

    Hi guys. I just thought I'd post an update to my situation. I'm 28 now and I'm now 9 years without porn, but I'm still not cured of my ed/no libido.I've still not given up completely yet and I'm still trying different methods in an attempt to cure this. Heres a list of the things I've tried since my original post without any improvement: 15 months monk mode, 3 day water fast, rewiring with pt 141, smoked crystal meth in an attempt to jumpstart libido (see my other thread - https://yourbrainrebalanced.com/for...phamphetamine-to-cure-pied.36241/#post-702844), relapsed on purpose in an attempt to jumpstart libido (the only time in the last nine years I've watched porn). After ruling all these methods out I decided to pursue another relationship because I still don't feel like I've completely ruled out rewiring considering there at guys who have seen slow improvements up to the five year mark into rewiring. I have previously been in a three and a half year relationship since quitting porn, but I we didn't have sex very frequently after the first six months.

    So I've been in this new relationship for 10 months now. I've been having sex 2-3 times per week for the duration of it. I've been using 100mg viagra to get and stay hard during sex. Condoms are something I have difficulty using because I only get hard for short periods, so I asked my gf early on if we could not use them and rely solely on her birth control pill. I've also been using pelvic floor exercises, which have helped my pe and eq slightly. I've learnt that my pe is only an issue when I've not been sexually active for a week or more. After around a month of regular sex using the stop start technique I can build up to last for around 10 minutes. My libido hasn't improved at all in the last 10 months. I still have no desire/motivation for sex. When I use 100mg viagra I can get hard from kissing only and can reliably have sex, but without the drug I find my erection are very weak unless I receive manual stimulation. Also I suffer pe without viagra due to the weaker erection. On a lower does the viagra loses most of its benefit. The 100mg dose has been a crutch for me for the last few years as the only way for me to have successful sex even though its far from perfect and is just masking my problem. The issue I have now is that I get chest pains when I take viagra, which is thought to be a serious side effect of the drug. I've had to limit taking it to every other day maximum, which has reduced this side effect and still allows me to maintain a reasonable sex frequency in order to satisfy my gf. I want to stop using the drug but my relationship is kind of dependent on it right now, so I'm looking for another solution. I've tried spedra and cialis at the max dose, levitra at 10mg but they aren't as effective as viagra or not effective at all. I still want to try levitra at max dose to rule it out. Anyone have any other ideas?
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    Hmm this is unfortunate man.

    I'm unfamiliar with your situation, but how many medical tests have you had done for blood/hormones etc? Have you seen a urologist?

    Do you smoke? Drink or anything?

    At this point it sounds like you need to try some fairly radical things.. How do you feel excluding your low libido and ed? Tired, depression, brain foggy etc.?

    When I say radical things I have two things that come to mind.. Trying different diets eg. trying both a carnivore and vegan diet giving each a few months. Or you can reel your diet in slowly, the best place to start imo is to rule out wheat/gluten. I cut wheat out of my diet and it had significant improvements on my health, difficult to say how it affected my ED due to still being in the reboot process.

    Another thing you can try, and I have high hopes for this one with rebooters.. Micro-dosing, more specifically taking the 'stamets' or 'fadiman' protocol.

    My idea behind micro-dosing goes something like this.. Small doses of psilocybin/psilocin have been shown to produce very fast 'learning' and 'un-learning' affects probably due to significantly increasing NGF(Nerve growth factor), stacked with Lions Mane and Niacin. If you want to learn more about this I can provide a bit more info in a few days once I sit down on my laptop.
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    Also, how often have you been Oing in your relationship?
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    I've seen a urologist twice for all the normal test and no issues we're found. I don't smoke and don't drink alcohol very often either. I've actually been following a gluten and dairy free diet for several years due to be intolerant to both of them. I have recently been experimenting with eating a grain free diet aswell because I still experience some digestive issues, which I'm trying to solve. For the most part I feel pretty good in general apart from being in this flatline. At this point I'm open to try pretty much anything, so yeah I'm interested to here more and how it might help
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    Roughly every other day. I've experimented with this a little, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
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    Pornfreesmee how many times did you Orgasm after your 6 months of no O? And by monk mode you mean you went 15 months with no orgasm?
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    I think after the six month no O period I dated a girl for a few months having sex roughly once per week. After that I went 15 months of no O at all from masturbation or sex during this period. Absolutely nothing apart from an occasional nocturnal emission.
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    I hate to be the one saying this but if you went 9 (!!!) years without porn and 15 months without any sort of orgasm and still have no libido it could be that you are asexual. There are people that naturally have no libido and that’s just who they are.

    By the way, when you have sex with your partner do you personally enjoy it or do you just engage in it for the sake of your partner?
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    Damn, did you feel or notice any difference in those 15 months? You've done a lot to try and fix this. I know you're tired of hearing it but if I were in your shoes I would just abstain indefinitely until something comes back.

    Do you get periods of high libido when you do abstain?
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    I cant be asexual because even though I don't have a libido I'm still attracted to women.I still have mental desire to be them physically even though I have no sex drive\ed. From my understanding asexual people are capable of functioning sexually, but the thought of it repulses them. I first experienced my natural libido when I was around 12 and had libido up until I was 19 when I was still watching porn. I believe that If I'd never watched porn I'd still have a libido! I do enjoy being intimate and having sex with my partner, but I hate the side effects of sidenafill, especially since its started causing chest pains for me.
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    I didn't feel any libido at any point during my 15 months abstinence. Occasionally I would get some morning wood, but not consistently! Perhaps longer could be neccessary, but there hasn't been a longer successful flatline recovery than 18 months that I've come across, which makes me pessimistic!
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    Asexuality is a spectrum. Not every asexual person is repulsed by sex (quite a few can even enjoy it!). A lot of them are simply lacking in natural libido but are still perfectly capable of experiencing attraction to other people. Also mental desire is not the same as libido.

    As for medication have you tried switching from sildenafil to cialis or levitra? If that doesn’t work you can try alprostadil or trimix injections or, if everything else fails, get a penile implant.
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    When you went to the urologists, what do you mean by "normal tests"? ......It's safe to say we can rule out porn, and I would be leaning HEAVILY towards hormones. As that is the natural avenue to be checking out. And I can tell you right now that the average urologist and endocrinologists ain't going to do jack for you. You don't want a generalist. You have to find a good (extremely rare) doctor that exclusively treats male hormones. Years ago I could have given you some names and places to look on the internet, but I'm not active with that anymore. One thing is you have to keep an open mind, I don't know why most people are so weird about men supplementing hormones and such, but they are. DO NOT MAKE THIS STOP YOU FROM GETTING TESTED by someone who knows what the f they're doing. This is not so simple as "take testosterone" = cured.
    If this is something you are interested in, I can find out where to look and what doctors etc. As I'm sure I can track down an oldtimer or two. I'm not affiliated with anyone/make money off anything, are you in the US?
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    I'll second this. I used to talk to this guy http://www.rebootnation.org/forum/index.php?topic=16230.0 he tried rebooting for awhile and didnt get anywhere until he started going on Test. It seemed to change overnight for him.

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