6 Years no PMO and still in a flatline!! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Pornfreesmee, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Orgasm from masturbation or sex is obviously linked to PIED recovery or it wouldn't be sending guys into flatlines who have libido.
  2. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Do you not think I've considered it could be something else at any point during the last 6 years? I have none of the strange symptoms you have listed and Im pretty sure none of them are linked to ED anyway. The only thing I changed 6 years ago was quitting porn, if porn wasn't the problem I wouldn't have lost all libido and ability to get hard to my own hand upon quitting.
  3. RebornAgain

    RebornAgain Beating my addiction one day at a time.. Staff Member

    Theres been many cases of orgasms from masturbation sending guys back into flatlines. So while masturbation isn't the problem like porn, the two would become tied together like Pavlov's dogs.

    Especially when the brain isn't ready to have too many orgasms close together.
  4. wecandothis

    wecandothis Member

    During your reboot,have you noticed ANY improvement in the libido or erection department? Actually, have you noticed any improvement in whatever area of yourself? Even the slightest one
  5. abyss

    abyss Member

    do you have morning wood if you don't MO? if you do, how's the quality?
  6. Ocguy

    Ocguy Member

    not to be jackass, but if erections and libido were much better, why did u quit porn?
  7. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    I have deffinetley improved from when i first quit. I couldn't get hard at all from my own hand when I first quit, but now I can get about 80 percent hard with no fantasy from touch. The erection goes down very quickly once I stop stimulating though. I also used to always need manual stimulation to get hard before sex, but now I can hard just from kissing most times. Libido hasn't really improved I just feel flatlined apart from when in a sexual situation I get aroused slightly. I have a mental urge to get with women just not a real libido.
  8. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    I get morning wood occasionally but its usually about 70/80 percent hard and goes down as soon as I wake. After an orgasm from sex or masturbation I usually get some morning wood for a few days and some weak spontaneous erections.
  9. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    I was having ED issues with real women thats why I quit. But after quitting I entered the flatline which made things worse...
  10. wecandothis

    wecandothis Member

    Man your case seems so weird and disheartening for all of us. But don't lose hope.You have seen improvement, means that you have done something correct after all,right? I suggest an extended orgasmless period personally.
  11. Universal

    Universal Guest

    Sorry, haven't read the whole thing but have you ever had consistent O's from sex every couple days to keep that mw/spontaneous thing going for an extended period?

    Also have you looked into pelvic floor exercises? Do you O quick? May be worth investigating a pelvic floor imbalance as something on the side. Too much tightness will result in 70-80% and PE

    I agree with we can do this. No O streaks. But KEEP REWIRING. Have sex just don't O. Pretty sure it took Gabe 9 months no O and then 9 months rewiring. I know you're at 6 years but a long no O streak may just do it
  12. JG55

    JG55 Member

    Yeah I stand corrected. It sounds like multiple orgasms in a row can send you back into the flatline if you haven't given yourself enough time.

    It is so unusual that he's gone so long without porn though.

    "Maybe prolonged abstinence leads to a slight drop in libido, even in healthy young men (reversible, when they become sexually active again). However, the severity of flatline symptoms (lifeless genitals, no libido, loss of attraction to real people) points to chronic porn use as the primary player in the flatline."


    Have there been any cases of someone needing months straight of no orgasm to recover...even though they had gone years without porn? Even the famous cases like Gabe had orgasms while they were recovering from PIED, IIRC. After a 4-5 months I think?
  13. Universal

    Universal Guest

    I can't cite anything directly but on the YBR radio shows "fugu" would talk about how he had to go on many month-long no O streaks while rewiring, the guests usually concurred with this.

    I think the Pavlovian description best fits the bill. Especially for us who started M with P. Even O WITH partner has sent people into flatlines so O may be tied into the same Pavlovian neural highway
  14. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Member

    This case scares the shit outta me.
  15. abyss

    abyss Member

    my advise is have sex or MO more often, you will surprised of the result. when you MO, don't use your hand, use masturbate sleeve.
  16. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    I think the only bit of hope I have is that a long uninterrupted abstinence period is required. I feel like Ive tried everything else, so you might be right.
  17. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Not recently but I did have a GF for 3.5 years out of the 6 years since I quit porn. The sex we had was infrequent after the first year, so I maybe had 1-2 SO's per month on average after the first year until we broke up. I do have PE and also don't get harder than 80 percent and only for short periods of time but I have tried a kegal and reverse legal routine previously and it didn't really help. Unfortunately sex without O isn't an option for me because of my PE issues.I believe my PE is just a side effect of not being fully erect/aroused. The only way I can guarantee no O is total abstinence.
  18. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Another thing to add is that following an orgasm I get bad brain fog/headache and also find myself seeking empty dopamine highs. I had an O from sex last night with a girl I met last weekend and I'm really noticing those effects today. I managed to get around 70/80 percent hard from kissing her for short periods. The problem is that she isn't on the pill so I have to use condoms which is difficult because I can only get hard for short periods of time! By the time I get the condom on I lose hardness which makes me even more sensitive!
  19. Universal

    Universal Guest

    Yeah man I know what you mean about abstinence is the only way to guarantee no O, PE and PIED is a killer of a combination. I suppose the only other way to get around this is to find someone who is ONLY interested in hugging/kissing, but that would be hard to find unless you're going to a church or something.

    I think it's pretty clear cut that you have two options. Obviously option 1 is something to be tried before the long term option 2.

    1. It may be worth experimenting with multiple Os per week from sex for a month to see if it kick starts anything. Couple O's per month with a partner may have not been enough to kick start your libido. Try keep Oing every few days before your "MW and spontaneous erections" go away and note the changes over a few weeks.

    2. Take extended O breaks, especially considering you're getting brainfog after Oing and PE.

    When you MO or have sex pay really close attention to your pelvic floor work, if it twitches/spasms/contracts uncontrollably I really think you should try and revisit pelvic floor work. Also notice what happens to your EQ if you reverse kegel while 70% hard, if it inflates when reverse kegeling it's probably a sign of dysfunction.

    Good luck man.
  20. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Yeah It would be ideal to find a girl just interested in hugging/kissing or maybe even a girl with a low sex drive to help rewire while abstaining. I did date a girl for a few months about a year ago and I'd see her about twice a week but she had such a high sex drive and wanted sex 4+ times each time I saw her that I got burnt out really quick.I felt terrible after Oing that much and it also made my ED worse. I don't know what would have happened If id have only had one O each time I visited so maybe worth a try. If not I'll have no choice but to go with the second option. Yeah it might also be worth exploring pelvic floor work again but I do always try to make sure I don't kegal or reverse kegal during sex to keep them relaxed.

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