6 Years no PMO and still in a flatline!! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Pornfreesmee, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Pornfreesmee

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    Hey guys, Its been a year since I lasted posted about my situation.Next weekend will make it 6 years since I quit watching porn with 0 relapses. I started watching porn age 13 and quit age 19 (I'm now 25) due to PIED and PE. When I quit I could still get hard to porn but had escalated to quite extreme genres. I could also get a decent erection from MO to fantasy without porn but not as strong as with porn towards the end. Since quitting Ive been in a flatline this whole time! I have no libido and no desire to masturbate. During the last six years I have continued to O regularly whilst in this flatline. In the first two years mostly O's from masturbation with fantasy and in the last four years mostly Os from Sex with occasional MO without fantasy. I was in a 3.5 year relationship during the time and have also dated multiple women/one night stands. For a more detailed breakdown of my story

    I have also done a few long no orgasm streaks of 6 months, 4 months and until last week I had gone 5.5 months no orgasm before having sex with a girl. I can get around 70% percent hard naturally from kissing a girl for a short period of time. I have to rush to penetrate if I'm to have sex and I don't usually last long due to not being fully hard! Cialis doesn't work for me anymore and I have to take 100mg max dose viagra to get an affect which gets me around 80% hard and makes me harder for slightly longer periods of time and last slightly longer but give me nasty side effects like a red face and nasal congestion.

    What do you guys think I should do?! Is it possible I need to go on as longer no orgasm streak until I regain my natural libido even if it take a year or longer and then start rewiring again. Or should I continue trying to force rewiring even without libido or full erections or is trying to rewire before being rebooted just keeping me in this rut?
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    Sorry to hear you're still struggling. Your issues are most likely not related to porn anymore. If I were you I'd stay away from MO, but absolutely keep wiring to women and have every real experience you can.

    Go see your Doctor.

    Even for the worst cases, it doesn't take 6 years + to recover from PIED. Something else going on here.
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  3. Anonymous86

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    hmmm. How in the world should he present this to his doctor?
  4. Pornfreesmee

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    Just to be clear, I forgot to include this in the original post. Ive seen doctors before and had all the physical tests for ED and everything is normal. Porn is the cause of my ED I am certain. Qutting brought on the flatline. I've never taken steroids, acutane or ssri's to clear any further confusion. Im just one of the many severe cases on here...
  5. newguy1

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    Your ED is the result of abstinence. Abstinence is very very unhealthy and bad for erectile health. Start MO'ing again every day (without P) and you'll be fine. As you said yourself, you could achieve an erection without porn before quitting, abstinence caused your ED. Going so long without O is extremely unhealthy. There are plenty of studies saying abstinence causes ED.
  6. Anonymous86

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    How long should someone go with abstaining from porn before masturbating without porn again?
  7. RebornAgain

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    Unless I'm misunderstanding he said he's been O'ing regularly in his first post. Did you actually read his post?
  8. JG55

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    I wouldn't think a no O streak longer than 6 months would do too much.

    You said Cialis used to work for you? And then it stopped working for you?

    Have you investigated pelvic floor issues? Sorry if I missed it, but exercise?
  9. Pornfreesmee

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    Yeah I didn't attempt any abstinence streak until at least two years after I quit. When i first quit there wasn't much info about the flatline etc. So I carried on masturbating even though I wasn't horny or hard. I guess I didn't know how to deal with the flatline...
  10. Pornfreesmee

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    I have seen a few cases on here take longer than a 6 month abstinence streak to feel libido coming back.Thats what makes me think I didn't go on a long enough streak. Yeah ED drugs don't work well for me anymore because I must have built a tolerance to the drugs. I don't have blood flow issues, so I always required max doses to get an effect. I have no pelvic floor issues that i'm aware of. I experimented with a reverse kegal and regular kegal routine a few years ago but didn't find any improvement. I live a very healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.
  11. JG55

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    Of course you can try giving orgasms a break again. I'd just take issue with the idea that you need to go a long period of time without them at this point. You're getting an erection with partners and haven't watched porn in 6 years.

    How about testosterone? or is that included when you say physical tests?

    I'm obviously not a doctor, but a tolerance to ED drugs sounds odd to me. People take them for years and years without trouble. Is this something your Doctor confirmed to you?

    Orgasm streaks are a bit of a misnomer in my opinion. Your body has already had a long break. You shouldn't need to go another 6 months after having a couple orgasms. While I agree some people recover better (myself included) by cutting out porn and masturbation together, the PIED is caused by the porn...not the masturbation. Exceptions being cases where masturbation practices are so messed up that they're hurting you physically, but that recovery process doesn't have much to do with brain wiring, right?

    When you start masturbating or having orgasms again, are you binging or something?
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  13. Marksanchez

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    No steroids, SSRI or Accutane but, maybe Propecia/Finasteride?
  14. Pornfreesmee

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    My testosterone is above normal, but low test isn't liked to ED anyway apart from extreme cases. Yes my doctor confirmed that ED drugs shouldn't stop working if the issue is related to blood flow, the issue is in my brain thats why they don't work well anymore. My natural function is better now they don't work compared to when they did work also. At times during the last 6 years I have had multiple orgasm from sex in one night but only on a few occasions in the last 2 years. I see people on here who actually have libido get sent back into flatline after orgasms. So what effect does an orgasm have when your already in a flatline ...
  15. Pornfreesmee

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    No I have never taken any hair loss products either. Having ED since the first time I attempted sex at 16 has made me very cautious not to take anything that could make my situation worse...
  16. JG55

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    The fact that you were able to have multiple orgasms a night with a partner should be a good sign, no?

    That being said, multiple orgasms a night is the kind of thing that could certainly mess with you.

    I think you're right about refractory periods and PIED recovery. Personally it takes a week or maybe two for my libido to come back strong after an orgasm.

    I'm still not clear on what is going on with the ED drugs, but I trust you know whether they're helping or not :).

    My advice would be to cut down to an orgasm every couple weeks, or even a month.
  17. Pornfreesmee

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    The times where I have been able to have multiple orgasms in one night was on ED drugs, so I think I overided my refractory period by using them.I wouldn't have been capable of more than 2 times in one night naturally but haven't binged like that for well over a year. Yeah It seems to be the same for a lot of guys on here. Which makes me think that because I didn't abstain initially until I felt libido I may have been pushing myself into a deeper and deeper flatline all this time! I mean what would have happened to the guys who abstained initially and took longer than 6 months to experience libido if they had orgasmed from masturbation or sex before libido came back...
  18. Anonymous86

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    Your 6 year flatline scares me for my recovery.
  19. JG55

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    Once again I think we have to separate masturbation from PIED recovery. Masturbation doesn't have much impact on the flatline as far as I know, and I don't think it could extend it or keep you in it perpetually. The flatline is your body's response to the removal of porn. Absent porn, your body doesn't flatline between orgasms. I don't think the refractory period counts as a flatline.

    You're likely cured of whatever affects porn had on you. I can't say for sure what else is going on, but we can probably agree infrequent orgasms for awhile is probably a good idea.

    Extremely unusual. Keep reading yourbrainonporn.com to get a better idea of what most guys experience :).
  20. Ocguy

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    I hate reading posts like this. So let me get this straight, you've been port free basically longer then you were on porn and your convinced porn is still the culprit?

    I can't scream loud enough, it is not porn!!

    Why are most people so stubborn? You read something on the net, it makes sense and then you unwaver in your support of it.
    I would start paying attention to other things going on in your body that aren't right. Ask friends if you have to confirm.

    Couple of indicators
    Low body temp. Joint pain. Poor digestion, loose bowel movements, constipation. Fatigue, depression, poor sleep. Frequent urination, foul smells , exercise intolerance,
    Cracked tongue, white coated tongue,
    problems with nails: slow growth, markings, no moons, ridges, deformaties

    These are just a few possibilities. Any one of these issues indicate the is something else going on. Quit being so stubborn in your thinking. What's the definition of insanity?
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