47 years old and starting a reboot .. today!

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by ThatGuyOverThere, Aug 9, 2012.

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    I'm a healthy guy in great shape and have a pretty damn hot wife. I never had a problem with ED until about 10 years ago. I figured it was the natural part of aging and so I started with Viagra and Cialis. It's still a pain in the ass to be dependent on these. Spontanaiety was a thing of the past. If my wife jumped me, and I hadn't taken any pills, I'd have a less than 10% chance of getting enough of a boner to have sex with her. 90% of the time, I'd have to leave her disappointed.

    Before that, I was sexually hot all the time. Rock hard boners on demand. I could bang my girlfriends in the past and now my wife for ages. This issue came up on me pretty suddenly.

    Then I came across this site. And it all makes perfect sense! My ED started a couple of years after I got my first hi speed internet connection. I was having sex with the wife 2 or 3 times a week and fapping the remainder of the time. Sometimes I'd browse porn and then go bang my wife later. I then started browsing an downloading tons of porn. I must have gigs of it stashed away. Of course I thought it was no big deal. I never imagined it could be the cause of the ED that crept up on me later.

    As of now, I'm totally dependent on pills. That plus testosterone shots I take occasionally for bodybuilding is the only thing keeping me with a semblance of libido. I say a semblance because I've found myself dreading sex at times simply because I was afraid I couldn't perform. And yet, I'll browse porn for hours on end at times even if I don't fap to it. It's become a habit. It's second nature.

    The strange thing is, I actually get turned off at the idea of real sex with a woman. I can only get turned on if there's a kinky porn element to it. But a naked hot woman in bed .. that makes my dick turn cold. That's completely messed up.

    So I can say I've been a hardcore porn user for at least 12 years. This here will be my first time going off cold turkey. I don't expect I'll have a problem not browsing porn at all. I do expect the problem will be not fapping, but I know I can keep myself off of it.

    As of now, I work out of town on weekdays and I'm home on weekends. I think I'm not going to be able to avoid not having sex with my wife. It's just not good for the relationship and it's not fair to her. So my reboot is going to have to allow for that to happen.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Pilgrim

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    Hi, Theguy!

    wellcome to the forum and good luck on your journey!
    I am 46 y.0. and I can say to you that this will be an amazing jorney.
    You certainly will recover your energy.
    It is a hard road.
    Be aware of what is going on with your body.
    You probably will feel withdrawal symptoms in the beggining and also a flatline period (read about that on YBOP and also in other´s journals here.
    I also would suggest you to block the access to porn.
    And mainly, I would suggest to include new habits in your life.
    Exercise, diet, meditation, dance, sing, cook, read, whatever you enjoy to do.

    And good luck!
  3. ThatGuyOverThere

    ThatGuyOverThere New Member

    Thanks Pilgrim! I already exercise quite a bit. I have 2 weeks left on a cycle of anabolic steroids and so I know that on top of everything else, I'll have some hormonal challenges in the days to come.

    I'm going to read your journal now since it looks like I'll be able to relate. Thanks again.
  4. fedup

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    Greetings fellow "40 something".
    As Pilgrim stated, it is a wonderful journey. I'm just a couple of weeks into my reboot and can feel things becoming clearer/sharper and lossing much on the "fog" I have been walking around in.
    Sounds like you are allready very aware of your body/mind with the bodybuilding- note, some of the withdrawal can mess w/your head... don't lose it. ;)
    Maybe you can help me with my pathetic squat?????
  5. ThatGuyOverThere

    ThatGuyOverThere New Member

    Thanks! I'll check out your journal as well. As for squats, this guy offers the best explanations for the squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kawBY5p29fQ
  6. fedup

    fedup New Member

    Thanks TGOT, quite familiar with Rippetoe. I have very long legs(6'4", long femurs), and finding that I'm just plain weak. I'm good with respectable weights until I reach parrallel- then the bottom falls out. I can barely get 100lbs out of the hole in a full (a.t.a.) front or back squat.
    Sorry to hijack. Godspeed on your reboot!
  7. justforkicks800

    justforkicks800 New Member

    In the same boat as you! I will be 48 in September and have spent pretty much all my life in this addiction. Let's both plan the next half of our lives focusing on whats important instead of the darkness that is porn!
  8. ThatGuyOverThere

    ThatGuyOverThere New Member

    Day 5 of no porn and no fapping although I did have sex with my wife twice. I had to use the pill the first time. The second time, no pill, I was rock ard during foreplay and went limp right before going in. That's the porn habit doing the damage. THAT's what I want to fix.

    I've also unplugged from the internet in general. I spend a very minimal time surfing the net now. It's just emails and some news. 15 minutes a day max as opposed to hours a day. This weekend, I spent a total of 10 minutes the whole time.
  9. ThatGuyOverThere

    ThatGuyOverThere New Member

    7 days. I feel horny as hell as I would have already fapped every day since Monday already. No porn, although I was tempted once or twice.
  10. justforkicks800

    justforkicks800 New Member

    keep going boss! I am one week ahead of you. 14 days tomorrow. Horny as hell, but committed to puttinng this craziness behind me. Keep focused, get your mind right and let the days pass on by.
  11. ThatGuyOverThere

    ThatGuyOverThere New Member

    Thanks, JFK800. I appreciate the support!
  12. Grimsley

    Grimsley New Member

    I will be interested in following your progress. And I know what you are getting ready to go through - I think. Please let me know about the ED drugs. I - like you - experienced ED and have done all the right things. Diet, exercise, supplements, and now no porn or masturbation. I'm 85 days in no porn - with one episode of masturbationm 32 days ago - to "test". And I wish I would not have. Anyway - how are you going to manage the ED drugs? Are you going to taper off - quit them as well - or continue them for weekend sex. I am using Cialis for sex with my girlfriend with success ( for the last 9 months) - but I think I am now psychologically dependent on it. I styarted using it before I discovered YBOP and initiating the no porn progression. And I wonder if it "masks" my progress with the no porn/ no masturbation . So let me know what you think and plan. I am watching and pulling hard for you to be successful.
  13. bork_gray

    bork_gray Beaker doesn't "bork" like the Chef.

    This is my first post on this forum, but I thought I'd use the occasion to wish you best of luck on your journey and offer my support! I picked your thread because you and I are roughly the same age and have similar backgrounds and characteristics. So ... I'm sure you can do it! Any goal worth setting is worth accomplishing! If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, fight fire with fire, keep the home fires burning, and, uh, burn that bridge after you cross it uh? OK got carried away there. ;)

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