4 years in flatline. 4 years no PMO. Severe ED. Nothing change

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    Hello everyone

    I m 40 years old male, the first time I noticed ed problem 3 years ago when I was 37 years old.

    I PMO ing more than 10 years 1-2 time /day, I tried all the categories of porn at the end extreme porn...
    rape, femdom japanese
    ....I spent a lot of time in front of monitor finding the perfect scenes , have even reached extreme categories in this time my erection has become weaker and weker .

    Likewise i also have delayed ejaculation, in the last stage almost imposible O.

    At first i did not understand what is the problem... i don't have never before ed problem everything was perfectly functional .

    About 2 years ago I made a connection between porn and my ed problems..and stoped all P. and PMO. It was easy for me anyway no longer excited me almost nothing.

    Since then I have not seen P. no PMO. I have a GF ..only sex , but is very dificult for me because my ed problems. I reduce sex 2time /weeak , today I use sildenafil 50mg I without can not mantain my erection . In most cases functional bat not always. I am not capable make an erection whitout physical stimulation.

    More than 1 year I m in flatline , no sex drive my dick is dead almost all day . I have morning wood but along with my awakening like a switch i would close it and not wake up all day. I still remember those times when I could easily pick up just thinking of him.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure that I will ever heal again. I have read and heard many cases for years not healed, has gone a long time and nothing has changed, more than 2 years no P. or PMO ...and still ed.

    One thing is certain: I do not go back to Porn NEVER.

    I wish success to everyone, good thoughts.

    (sorry for bad English, I'm not an English speaker).
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    I have explained to you multiple times the issue and how to solve it I don’t understand why you don’t listen have you even read through my advice .
    I have had multiple long term ‘rebooters’ message me and it seems some of them have recovered/ made a lot of progress and most realised or agree with what I am saying in my posts .
    I was in the same situation for two years mate until I learned about psychosomatic conditions .
    Go back through my posts then move on leave all this stuff behind your body will follow when u stop telling urself porn causes permant damage and we know it doesn’t .
    Porn is not as harmful as we believe it to be on here honestly ask yourself do you think porn is more harmful than hardcore drugs ? There are multiple studies supporting porn not causes any dopamine receptor damage u cannot take one websites info as gospel truth .
    Most people on here have had hard lives to various extents and are not in the best place mentally unfortunate and have been traumatised by there erections not working and the anxiety cycle does not break until u move on
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  3. Alex_13

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    In my opinion this shit its not curable only abstaning pmo.

    Probably in mild cases of ed it still works but in severe cases it doesn't ..and we are no exceptions ... it doesn't work for anyone !!!

    I have a girlfriend she works on a webchat site, she told me that ,she had hundreds of young boys with this problem, they talked about it, they told me that tried everything !! they spent a lot of money ... none of them healed !! young people !! I said that now I try 6 months hard mode .... she told me ... you would be the first of 100 I know about this problem and he was healed.

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