38yo, I will overcome this too (PIED)

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by OldMillenial, Jul 27, 2023.

  1. OldMillenial

    OldMillenial Member

    Coming up on 100 days PMO-free. 6 days orgasm-free.

    I feel good, confidence has been decent but not amazing off the charts. Libido is what I imagine as normal, but I have not had morningwood or woken up in middle of night with boners. Thats perhaps concerning. I get semi-boners thinking about things when driving for example, but they go away and are not very annoying. Energy is ok. I enjoy talking to people and do not get bored.

    No more sex with the girl I was last with, we couldnt get schedules to work for both of us this week and she left my area now. I am bit down about not seeing her again, and if this progression-curve keeps up for me its not very likely I will be single next time she's around... she dont visit often and I will probably not go chasing her. I have a date that I set up quite some time ago coming up with a really sweet girl I've been talking to for over a month now. I will be around her area in two weeks.

    It's still unbelievable to me that these things are a part of my reality now.
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  2. dark red drifter vessel

    dark red drifter vessel Well-Known Member

    Science fiction! :3

    Do yourself a favor and don't get into people who are more than an hour with public transport away. I have a masters degree in that, cannot recommend.
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  3. OldMillenial

    OldMillenial Member

    Hehe thanks, but I don't have much of an option. I live in a very small town. It will sort itself out when I find the right one.
  4. diz

    diz Member

    Hi OldMillenial,

    It's been good to read your story up to now. Good luck with your ongoing changes.
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  5. OldMillenial

    OldMillenial Member

    Thank you for reading. I am already such a different person from the one who started this thread. I hope I can inspire someone to snap out of the same bad place of just wasting away that I was in.
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  6. OldMillenial

    OldMillenial Member

    100 days without porn. I am still not sure about my libido. Morning woods are not really there. I MO'd this morning, it was not an impulsive decision. It was because I started to feel anxious and needy interacting with women. I do not need much, just a bit of recalling real life events from this autumn gets me over the edge very fast.

    Trying to find balance still. I very much wish I could exchange my DE-problem with girls to a PE-problem.
  7. OldMillenial

    OldMillenial Member

    I MO'd three days in a row beginning of week. Only the first was not impulsive, but thought about decision. I stopped now. I will probably go for 2-3 weeks this time.

    We will see, I have date coming up in 2 weeks I want to feel good and confident then. This one I am actually a bit nervous about, don't know why. Maybe because I will actually have to speak and don't do slow communication through Google translate which turned out to be a good fit for me.

    My texting with girls have always been pretty decent. Talking, not so much...

    I remember the old days when I used to hold back while texting because I didn't actually dare to see them. I could easily get them to want too see me, but I knew I could not live up to my texting haha
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  8. diz

    diz Member

    Congrats on 100 days. I am not going to MO until day 90, that's my goal, 1 day at a time.

    Nice to have a date in the diary! I am starting to set intentions about meeting someone

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