37 y/o - VIRGIN - Depressed - PIED!

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    Your welcome jack

    Guts - I don't want to hijack this guys thread, but I'll try to explain. I'm not really sure what the hell happened, it wasn't peyronies, I just said that to simplify my massive post, the swelling/lump was in the dartos fascia. I think I originally got it from doing PE exercises (don't do that) back when I was too young to think logically about it. One day I woke up with this hard lump on my dick under the skin, it wasn't painful but irritating if touched, I went to a Uro he didn't think much of it. I wanted it gone, and for reasons (ill thought out) I won't get into cuz itll make the thread too long I smushed it hard with my fingers, and over the next few days the lump swelled up several times bigger, and got very painful, my dick got red as fuck....horrific. literally a fly landing on the lump would hurt. So much so I was so scared of a urologist/doctor touching it and making it worse, I didn't go to doctor for a long time. I wouldn't judge that decision too harshly because if the pain did get worse I would have to quit my job, and the situation was extremely slowly getting better/stabilizing...and if you've ever had uro's handle your junk you'd know they are not gentle, this seems to be universal I've learned) As well the first couple were idiots. I found a surgeon and he immediately told me what he thought, that the lump was infected, I thought this was also likely as the amount of pain.
    Anyhow, I was awake for the operation when he cut this lump out of me, I watched him pull it out. The nurse asked me if I'd ever injected fillers in my penis for enlargement (as this was obviously a strange finding). nope. Interesting experience watching your dick being cut open. I don't know how the hell this happened but in the time I was searching the internet for answers I've seen some weird shit. thankfully back to relative normal now, no terrible pain.
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    Nothing major in terms of ED clearing up, but recently I've been going clubbing. Last night I met this beautiful woman and we both got friendly with each other. (hugging and laughing and stuff). Nothing happened afterwards unfortunately. But it was a beautiful experience. I could feel the feel-good hormones (albeit it with around 50% intensity). We also kissed on the lips for a few seconds. My boner was at around 2/3 out of 10, but at least there's life there. It was great getting physical with her, even though it was nothing too sexual.

    Since then, I've been feeling more movement down there when simply thinking about my experience last night or even been around women in general.

    A small positive step forward, I hope.
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    Went out on Saturday night again, danced with a woman again, and this time we kissed(tongues) and danced while we both enjoyed touching each others' private parts! :lol: It was sooooooooooo sweet touching her..... wow! Unfortunately she had to leave as she appeared upset having come back from the toilet. I tried to see what happened, but she had to go. Oh well... it was great touching that hot body! My erection were about at 4/10.
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    You're doing really well!
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    Nice one man, sounds like you're really putting yourself out there, keep it up!
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    So... I went out last night to a club and managed to get some hot action with a beautiful woman.

    We were dancing, kissing and touching each other for well over 2 hours nearly none-stop!

    It didn't end in anything as she wasn't looking for sex, which is fine as I had no place to take her to anyway! (She lived out of town).

    However, unfortunately i got very little movement down there. [​IMG] I don't know why. [​IMG] I've been PMO free for over two years now and when doing MO (I have been MOing once or twice a week for the past few months) I actually get erection easier (following a sexual thought). But when I was dancing and touching that woman.... there was no erection.

    It was soo great being with that woman, she was very hot.
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    Today I sort of relapsed.

    I was browsing for a realistic vagina toy (which is better than using your hands, if you're susceptible to MO!), and ufortunately I saw many pornographic photos. I didn't MO, but I did MO this morning before I actually browsed the toys. Therefore, nuerons that fire together will wire together even in such scenario.

    I'm just so fucking fed up without having any sexual, or even emotional stimulation, whatsoever. It just feels so unnatural and humane. I'm it doesn't make sense to limit everything sexual even if it's artifical. Browsing the odd photo here and there is surely not going to set one back too much?

    I'm just so fecking fed up, sick and depressed of this shit. I was doing very well before this fucking lockdown started! It's as though life is fucking tellin me it's not meant to be!! So fucking angry.

    I just feel like giving up and just living on Porn and realistic sex toys.

    JUST SO FUCKING FED UP MAN!! I bet nobody has been through such restricted sexuality as I have. Even in my PMO days, I didn't fully enjoy it as I was religious!

    I have no sexuality, I have no intimacy, I have no connection, I have no one to talk to or to feel physcial with - and I never have and never even came FUCKING CAME CLOSE!!!

    My post on here rately make sense because when I'm composing it, I feel really depressed and emotional.



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    Set some boundaries. Will power is not enough. Extreme boundaries, I mean.

    You need to set goals and take a look at the bigger picture.

    Relapse shouldn't hold you back. You should keep going after a relapse.

    And definitely don't look for vaginas while on reboot.

    You've waited 37 years, what's one more? Or two or even three? Give it time. The damage was done over 37 years so recovery is gonna take a while.
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    I have nothing left to fight on. I've been fighting life on my own pretty much ever since I turned an adult. Over 20 years now.... I've just had enough and suicidal thoughts are entering my mind.

    To be honest, nothing any family members or a psychotherapist would say (the highest form of help, I suppose) is ever going to make me feel strong enough to figh on.... because fighting on alone is now destroying me.

    The only think that would help me is a bit of intimacy with a female that I like - it's gotten that bad. There is no way I will be able to get a GF while I'm in an emotional state such as this, and that's even before she finds out about PIED and the fact that my body is putting on weight every day! (my arse in particular)

    Now do you see what sort of worries I have in my head??? PIED, emotional problems and a mysterious fat gain condition - in addition to a souless existance/past.

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    I understand that you’re very sad and angry, and that you just can’t cope with life at the moment. Those are some tough emotions to deal with man! You write that you’re done fighting. Maybe it’s time to stop fighting the negative and start building the positive? I know this is easier said than done. It took me years to begin to grasp that, and I’m still learning.

    Just know that, as long as you’re talking yourself down, you will not get what you want. It seems to me you’re living in your own, self fulfilling prophecies. “There is no way I will be able to get a GF while I’m in an emotional state such as this”. Why not? You’re just as much worthy of love as everyone else! If you find a girl who loves you at your worst? Then that’s freaking amazing man! And she’ll most definitely love you on your best days then. If intimacy is what you truly crave, I don’t think you’ll find it on the dancefloor with strangers to be honest. Just try making some friends or talking to colleagues. Relax. Don’t try to immediately date or be with every woman you encounter. If it clicks, it clicks. And then you can ask her out and try to see her more often in a clumsy way. There is no such thing as perfection and believe me, women that should matter to you aren’t looking for it either. Honesty and standing for something are much more sought after.

    About your PIED, do you get hard when you M? If so there is nothing wrong with you physically. You just need to wire yourself to the real thing. The best way to do that is to not think about it while bonding with a girl. Just enjoy the sensations and experience it. What helped me tremendously in my relationship was being honest. I explained I could get anxious if she touched me and that that could lead to me not having an erection. Doing so helped me relax and that is what really helped and cured my PIED. Honesty, vulnerability and trust are incredibly important for true intimacy.

    What also won’t get you out of this, is the complaining over, and hate for, your own life. You’re doing it a lot and by doing so, you’re basically meditating on self-hate. How do you expect a change if that’s what you’re putting your magnifying glass upon? You can start making better choices today, you don’t have to be a slave to your past, the way you were raised or the burden of religion. If you have faith, or better yet, a relationship with your creator, then that’s absolutely wonderful! But religion brings nothing. We can’t follow those laws flawlessly. These laws merely exist to point out where we need God’s grace. And He gladly gives that. As a matter of fact, He gave his life for it.

    Tomorrow when you wake up, write down 1 thing you are grateful for. It might be a roof over your head, the taste of your breakfast, the breath in your longs, being physically healthy, being able to walk, etc etc. There are a million things to be thankful for, we just have to learn to see them. Believe me when I say your life will drastically change when you start practicing gratitude.

    Hang in there man. There’s hope. There is always hope.

    Be blessed.
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    You know that way of thinking is what's causing you to relapse. You shouldn't be thinking about it too much. So stop feeling bad about yourself.
    Be thankful for what you already have.
    You mentioned your family members. You have that. Not everyone has that. Spend some time with them. Get closer to them.
    Maybe you have a bad life but if you keep ranting about it, you're not going to get any better and you'll be trapped in an endless cycle.
    Man up and start picking up the pieces.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. You're not alone!

    This culture we're all living in has a horrible way of making us believe that being desired sexually is the highest form of approval and the ultimate measure of our self worth. (Don't even get me started on body image expectations!)
    You have value and dignity as a person that is ABSOLUTE and it doesn't depend on the opinions of anyone else! I know that might be a small comfort when you've decided that sexual intimacy is what you really want, but it's the truth!

    @BoughtWithBlood has a real point about self-sabotage and living in "self fulfilling prophecies." When you wrote “There is no way I will be able to get a GF while I’m in an emotional state such as this” it made me want to offer a couple of ideas to you:

    First of all, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you tell yourself in this life becomes a little more true each time you speak it, write it or think it. I understand the despair caused by loneliness. I really do. However, instead of telling yourself things like "There is no way I will be able to..." you'll serve yourself far better by focusing on all the ways that you are worthy and deserving of love. And you really are! I'm not just saying it to make you feel better! This brings me to the second idea...

    You are an emotional person. That is something to be damned proud of! Today's "emotional state" doesn't define you. It isn't who you are! It's something you're moving through. WHO YOU ARE is somebody who's intelligent enough to reflect on your feelings and to talk about them with others! Not everyone has this skill! In my experience, this is something that women our age value very highly in a man; the ability to feel and communicate his emotions. You, my friend, are a communicator! It comes through in your writing! There are women out there, sick of dealing with "boys" and they would love to find somebody like you who's willing to do the difficult emotional work.

    I'm sorry this is getting long but one last thing to keep in mind is that comparing real intimacy to the porn we're all recovering from is like comparing real law enforcement to a Bruce Willis film! In the real world, erections melt away, smooth talkers say the dumbest shit imaginable, beautiful women fart, pets jump up on the bed, people hurt themselves on pointy furniture, etc, etc. You can have a damn enjoyable and super fun night with a girl and never even take off your underwear!

    I guess this is all very "intimacy-centric" advice. It's all in the spirit of encouragement and honestly, you can disregard the whole thing if it's not helpful! The only really important thing I've said in all this is that you are just fine the way you are! You're a good and worthy person! Sex doesn't change that.

    Don't give up! You're doing great!
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    My family are a major stressor to my life. I need family, yes. but I don't need to be this close to them all the time!!! I'm 37 y/o and never left home! That's a sickening feeling!! My family are not a help while I'm stuck with them. They are more of a help if I'm living away from them.

    I don't need to be with them 24/7, that's actually bad for your mental health!

    Man up and pick up the pieces? That's what I'm fucking doing, man!!! When I was 22/23, I couldn't get a job for the next 7 years. Here I am, picking up the piecies!! (by working hard and saving hard). However, this journey is not an easy one as one implication of going without a job for so long, is the lack of option!! (no money means no going out and so no GF!! it's simple!) But here i am, picking up the piecies but the projet is a deeply difficult one to fully complete (ie, to save enouhg money for own house).

    Seriously, I think you underestimate my plight in the past and underestimate the repaire job that I'm having to do now. It's basically this:

    Past (roughly from teenager until 29:

    NO JOB (or a few temporary ones that were not ennough for me to build future on)
    NO GF
    NO FUN
    IDENTITY CONFUSION (I'm from middle east but not too traditional and therefore I didnt keep in touch with my culture. But at the same time, not too British. Therefore, no alchohol, GF, etc) I was stuck in the middle.

    Just day after day trying to a find job so I could build a foundation on that (ie, save money for property and marraige)

    NOW (from 30 until now):

    ISOLATION (i live in a village outside of city and relay on buses - therefore a lot of my time is taken up by commute to work)
    NO true FRIENDS (becuase I'm too isolated and need to save money)
    NO true nights out (only with friends that I dont neccesssarily want to be friends with, but I have to as I don't habe other option apart from lonniness)
    NO GF
    But at least I'm more certain about my own identity (humanist and liberal).

    OKAY? This is the sort of live I had to life and is living a the moment.

    Yes, I've made huge improvements, but it's slow progess and it' still accompanied with negatives such as lonniness).
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    That's the problem! Going through life this long and not experiencing the number 1 pleasure and natural pleasure is saddening and more important than any other things in life.

    A happy fullilling relationship is more important tha the other things in life like cinema, travelling, etc.

    Life is boring when you don;t have someone like a partner to share it with - I CAN CERTAINLY CONFIRM THAT!!
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    OK, first thing, you don't have PIED. You have gone far too long for that to be the case, I said that to you a year ago. I also mentioned getting your hormones checked, and you never responded. You said somewhere else that your testosterone was low but didn't investigate further, that's just one of many hormonal issues that could be your problem.
    Lets work together.

    What is the CAUSE of your problems?
    What is stopping you from being able to have all the things you want?
    What are you doing to try to ameliorate the problem?

    If the problem is ED, and all you have done to try to fix it is not watch porn even though that hasn't seemed to have worked for years, then I'm sorry to say, you haven't done much to solve your problem. Fixing health problems takes a monumental amount of effort, but they are much easier to fix when the issue is common. You will have doctors lined up to help you. That problem I mentioned on the last page I had. That was not common. Do you think it was easy getting a surgeon to help me with that issue?......fuck no. I had to fly a couple thousand miles, but it turned out I was right and with some risk solved that problem. It was incredibly complex figuring out how I was going to deal with that. I've also flown to see the best hormone doctors as well, this is a very complex area, and many doctors that will prescribe for you make insane rookie mistakes (not things that will hurt you per se, just won't help to solve your problems, I'm talking grade 2 level knowledge they don't seem to grasp about their craft)........basically when you have health problems you have to learn the problem in and out, more than 95% doctors know one issue specifically, hundreds to many thousands of hours researching a topic.
    But even if you fix the ED, you will then realize it is your mind that is your biggest handicap. I am a great example, I thought once I fixed my physical health problems shit was gonna turn around quick. Well after at least a decade of fixing health problems I've succeeded as well as I'm ever going to, but then turns out I still can't hack it in the world, because now I'm an alcoholic porn addicted complete fuckin knobhead, and I really don't know what's going on. So don't think I'm picking on you or something, I'm throwing it all away as much as anyone ever has.

    Even though some might say that having a working dick doesn't matter to women, I think it does. But what matters A THOUSAND times more to them is that a guy doesn't have some sad pathetic whiny victim mentality. THAT is THE MOST unattractive thing to women in the world. Bar none. Even if a girl knew it was fuckin 25 year old Brad Pitt (with all his money) behind that bawling pathetic Emoji, she wouldn't want anything to do with him. That's ultimate cringe to them. Absolutely no question. I know this because I've had more women than I'd care to admit obviously attracted to me then utterly disgusted by me based on acting incredibly depressed and....victimy?.....They are soooo grossed out by it man. This is an ultimate truth. Even if the odd one treats you alright, like a wounded puppy, it sure doesn't mean they want to fuck you. This is for the good of the species/evolution. The opposite is also true. Just go on youtube. There are numerous COOL dudes on there that have like muscular dystrophy/ utterly disabled/ have no lower body etc......all kinds of shit, and they all somehow have REALLY HOT GIRLFRIENDS. That is an eye opener for us all. They are getting shit done getting paid off youtube, and living life, imperfections and all. Then there is I'm sure literally fuckin millions of attractive dudes with completely functioning bodies alone in their rooms going through incredible numbers of kleenex boxes. The rain forests weep.
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    The more speculative the bet, the more important it is to hedge.
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    @Depressed&Out Thats all good, but you can't stay at home all the time. In the weekend, go find yourself some fun activities to do and through these activities, you'll find new people. You'll make friends and you could even meet a girl you like. Just don't think about it too much. Only focus on doing the activities you love and I mean group activities and little by little you'll meet people. You'll also little by little learn how to talk around people. Don't try to force it though.
    You can also meet people on the bus, you know. Just live your life and don't think about your problems too much.

    It might take a year or two or even ten but as long as you are consistent, you're going to get there. Don't let depression or disappointment derail your progress.

    As for your work, Google "job searching skills" and you'll be amazed how many ideas you find there. Read and polish your skills. Just like meeting people, this is also a skill that takes time to learn. You also need consistency.

    I understand you've been doing this for a long time. All I'm saying is you should keep going and you should also polish your skills. You'll get there.

    Always smile and focus on what's good in your life. You might say you have no good in your life, but I'm telling everyone has good in their lives. You just need to find it.
    Adopt an optimistic mindset.

    BTW, I've been where you are. I've had an even worse life. At least you have somewhere to sleep. I've seen hell, but things are much better now because I never gave up. And I didnt rush things.

    You said you made improvements. There! you see. You can do it. There are no quick fixes in life.

    We're all in this together.

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