36 y.o. Male, Seeking accountability partner.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Stubborn, May 30, 2020.

  1. Stubborn

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    I'm hoping to find an A.P. who's a similar age to myself and ideally with some similar goals.
    If you've been part of someone's support network before, it would be an asset since I'm totally new to this and could surely use some pointers! In any case, I'd like to offer support just as much as I'd like to receive it!

    I'm aiming for three months PMO-free and want to be rid of PM forever! I'm starting June 1st but no worries if that date has passed by the time you read this!

    Thanks and good luck with your own goals!
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  2. Nofap_noobie

    Nofap_noobie New Member

    I have the same goals... So message me if you still don't have an accountability partner!!
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  3. Kevin Karen Fischer

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    Yeah, i am in need of an accountability partner for the same reasons. Hit me up!
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