36 Days no PMO - Real improvements or lying myself ?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by orfeox5, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, it is me again :). I am going to tell you everything now shortly, if you want to know my whole story, you can check this out https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/help-me-do-i-have-ed.163853/
    Wanna also to apologise to everyone for asking you on DM about it, I have been really anxious. Thanks for understanding :)
    Now, the important stuff :

    Today, the 36th day of my 90 days reboot. Going home from school, in the bus I was standing and there was one woman in front of me, didn't find her attractive at all, she was like 35 and I am 16, lol. The bus was crowded and at one stop she got a little big close to me, I was at her back and touched my pants just a little with her butt. At first nothing really. After half a minute I noticed that I was getting hard and boom- I got an erection, I don't know how hard it was but it was hard indeed, not the rock-hard boner I want but still. 4 hours later, chilling with my homie on one bench in the park, he was browsing his newsfeed and I was thinkin about something. I gave a look at his phone and saw a clip with Lil Pump dancing with one stripper. Again, nothing much. We stand up and went on. After a minute I noticed again, I was hard, AGAIN ! This time the erection was less hard than the previous one earlier in the day but wow. It seems the reboot is really working, I hope so. I have however one thought- I am maybe just lying to myself about it and it is not really a big deal but here are some benefits that are 100 % real :
    -Much, much better self-control
    -I feel stronger mentally than before
    - I am happier and appreciate the little things more
    -I am looking after girls more than before and find some more attractive than I have ever thought
    - I am more disciplined
    I hope that is only the beginning of my journey ! What do you think about it ?
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    Hi man!

    Great job! Keep going, more benifits is yet to come. You are young still and in youre teenage years, random erections is very common in your age - its a positive sign that your system is adapting/recovering fast to No PMO. :)

    Btw. I can relate to the benefits you mention and you are not lying to yourself. :)
  3. orfeox5

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    Thanks for the reply ! I have really started to unwind a chill a bit. However, many guys told me that because I am teenager, it will take very long to recover, some dumbass even told me on the other forum that I would need to use stereoids my whole life.. it was really a bullshit. I hope that it will get even better at the 60 days mark . Hopefully my young age is at my side
  4. BeInControl

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    Haha. So many trolls on the Internet dude. If some guys can recover after 3-6 month from PIED at the age of 35 because they fapped for at least 15 years to porn - you surely can in a few weeks or months.

    I have read some of your other posts on the other forum. Dont overthink the situation. It is a lifestyle and not just a few month of no PMO. Take it easy, you will recover 100% - overthinking will complicate things. Stay busy, excersise, eat healthy and sleep well. And fucking stay away from the pixelated images and videos! :)
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    Hey man! How are you doing?
  6. orfeox5

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    Hi, I lost count of the days recently, I am maybe at day 70, dk. To be honest, I don't know how the reboot is going. I have been able to achieve erections when I fantasize, failed to do so maybe only twice, even when I read some post in the sex subreddit, trying to help someone, reading the description perhaps about their intercourse I get hard again. Without any doubt my erections are becoming stronger than before, that is for sure. I still have the wrong impression that I can summon erections whenever I want, I mean when I see a hot girl in public or just think about sth like it I expect to get hard, it doesn't happen that way of course but this leads to some kind of anxiety. I have perhaps broken the theory that I have PIED because I can get hard without porn. Some weeks ago I was standing in the bus and one woman just touched my dick with her ass accidentally and after a while I noticed I was erected (not so hard but still) .I started getting such erections sometimes throughout a day which is rather a positive sign I believe . Even now, describing all this I feel sensation down there :D . I will stick to the 90 days no matter what, even I want to make it until the start of the next school year, 15th September. I am proud of myself as I have cut out completely porn, any bikini pictures and so on. The urge to fap too is under control, I feel like i am one again with my spirit, it sounds as if its a movie but believe me. Idk however if I am fine now or not, shitty anxiety.

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