35, time to kick this habit for good

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by iceclimb29, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. that's great keep up the woodwork lol;)
  2. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 25

    I've been saying for ages I've wanted to eat my wife out and she finally let me and even reciprocated afterwards. Was kinda hoping for sex but honestly I was just happy to have my balls licked...
  3. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 31

    Well there's a month done. Morning wood and general erections are 8-9/10 at the moment which is cool, although they tend to disappear without constant contact.

    That's the end of the holiday with my wife. A week of luxury in the Caribbean and although I got a blowjob (see above) she didn't initiate anything physical with me at all and turned down all my advances which is pretty fucking depressing. I honestly think I'm done and need to move on. I know sex in a relationship isn't everything, but we haven't even fucked since December...
  4. ssllmmee

    ssllmmee Member

    Day 29 here, and your motivations seem to be similar to mine. Absolute procrastination and lack of interest in any activity besides PMO, on top of a sex life that is a complete disaster.

    You seem to be doing a lot better than I do. Morning woods here aren't almost a thing. Libido is very week as I need to rewire my brain from slowing down on fetish to improve on real sex.
  5. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    I've definitely had a real increase in energy and desire to do more stuff lately, but lack of sex is making me a bit moody TBH.
  6. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Had sex at Day 36 but barely lasted 2 minutes which is pretty disappointing, but maybe not awful considering I haven't had sex for 3 months. Was about 8/10 hard.
  7. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Halfway to 90!!

    Erections & morning wood still about 8/10. Haven't had a wet dream for at least a fortnight; not really sure what that means but I'm having to do less laundry :-D
  8. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 56

    Morning wood and spontaneous erections seem to be down to 6-7/10. Maybe just because I've been ill or not working out so much.
  9. -Luke-

    -Luke- Well-Known Member

    Could also be a normal fluctuation in the recovery process.

    Thumbs up on 56 days!
  10. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Cheers bud, yeah definitely could just be that too. Will assess again in a week or so.
  11. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 60

    Morning wood is back, still only about 7/10. I think this is the furthest I've ever gone on a streak and definitely don't want to lose it.
  12. Dr. Jekyll

    Dr. Jekyll Member

    Hi @iceclimb29, nice to meet you.

    I did read part of your story and I can see a lot of similarities with mine. Let me ask you one question: in the last 59 days how many times did you orgasm?

    Because, in my case, I noticed that once I started to have frequent sex with my new gf, the frequency and strength of my morning woods have decreased. However, if I don't have sex for few days, I see that my libido and MW come slowly back.
  13. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Hi mate, honestly in these 60 days we've only had sex once and a BJ once, and then I've had 4-5 wet dreams in that time too, although no wet dreams for about a month.

    In the past I think I've had the same as you with losing libido after sex, etc, do I think there is definitely some merit to going 'hard mode'. I have also been ill the last week so maybe that has an effect too.
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  14. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 60 - part 2

    The wife was in the mood so I suggested trying some staying cream (Emla 5% - prescribed). I've used it before when I've not been on such a streak and not had much luck from it.

    Honestly the first minute or so I couldn't feel a thing when I was inside, but after a while it felt really good and I was able to pound away like there was no tomorrow. She came twice and I could probably have gone for about half an hour or more. I know it's not a permanent Prem-Ej cure but it's a bit of a morale boost of nothing else
  15. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 64

    Return of the wet dreams
  16. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 69

    Had sex again last night using a smaller amount of Emla cream. Definitely didn't give me as much staying power (maybe I was just a bit exhausted) but still gave me over 7 minutes. EQ about 8/10.
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  17. that's great dude I hope you keep recovering
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  18. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Feeling good now I'm above 80 days. I've got zero urges to look at anything I shouldn't be ;-)

    Haven't had sex with the wife for about 2 weeks, however she's definitely more vocal about wanting sex more regularly.

    My plan for future recovery/progres is to keep going to 100 or 120 days, then start the 90-day premature ejaculation plan from pegym.com.
  19. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Day 88

    Nearly slipped up yesterday as I was home alone for the first time in weeks. Glad I didn't but obviously shows how real the temptation still is.
  20. Its over

    Its over New Member

    good job bro

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