34 y/o - VIRGIN - Depressed - PIED!

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Depressed&Out, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Hey Depressed&Out, I have a somewhat similar situation to you. I did nothing my whole entire life with a female. Never even kissed or dated or anything. I'm 30. But I can say this, maybe it helps...I have a very close friend who had lots of "action" in his life. He had sex with girls in his car, in public places, and had a wild 20's. And...he tried to commit suicide by overdose anyways, after all of that. He's had his fair share of suffering in this world too despite all the sex and women...So if you think that physical relationships are the end to suffering, it's not. Suffering is more about the way you perceive the world. And if you want life to get better, use your situation to work on yourself and develop a positive attitude, which is more attractive to women than a negative attitude.

    Also, are your hormones normal? I believe you have a sex hormone imbalance, such as excess estrogen or low testosterone. You may also be taking certain medications such as steroids that can affect the fat distribution of your body. Please consider medications or hormone imbalance as a possible cause of your ED. Wishing you well.
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    Cesar - I can't speak for anyone else but I would LOVE to go and live in Colombia for a while....Learning Spanish is on my list.
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    I'm a brown skinned guy - I don't stand a chance.

    And, those types of women that like men of white race - even when they are ugly or average looking - I can'take them seriously! Fuck them and their precious preferences!
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    Which type of man do you think women are attracted to, and would want to be around more?

    1. Average or below average looking guy that tries to be positive, and makes the woman have pleasant, happy emotions when he is around.

    2. The most physically attractive man in the world, with all the money, but is extremely negative all the time and makes the woman feel negative emotions when he is around.
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    depends on the other women!

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