34 y/o - VIRGIN - Depressed - PIED!

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Depressed&Out, Jun 6, 2018.

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    That's the problem! Going through life this long and not experiencing the number 1 pleasure and natural pleasure is saddening and more important than any other things in life.

    A happy fullilling relationship is more important tha the other things in life like cinema, travelling, etc.

    Life is boring when you don;t have someone like a partner to share it with - I CAN CERTAINLY CONFIRM THAT!!
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    OK, first thing, you don't have PIED. You have gone far too long for that to be the case, I said that to you a year ago. I also mentioned getting your hormones checked, and you never responded. You said somewhere else that your testosterone was low but didn't investigate further, that's just one of many hormonal issues that could be your problem.
    Lets work together.

    What is the CAUSE of your problems?
    What is stopping you from being able to have all the things you want?
    What are you doing to try to ameliorate the problem?

    If the problem is ED, and all you have done to try to fix it is not watch porn even though that hasn't seemed to have worked for years, then I'm sorry to say, you haven't done much to solve your problem. Fixing health problems takes a monumental amount of effort, but they are much easier to fix when the issue is common. You will have doctors lined up to help you. That problem I mentioned on the last page I had. That was not common. Do you think it was easy getting a surgeon to help me with that issue?......fuck no. I had to fly a couple thousand miles, but it turned out I was right and with some risk solved that problem. It was incredibly complex figuring out how I was going to deal with that. I've also flown to see the best hormone doctors as well, this is a very complex area, and many doctors that will prescribe for you make insane rookie mistakes (not things that will hurt you per se, just won't help to solve your problems, I'm talking grade 2 level knowledge they don't seem to grasp about their craft)........basically when you have health problems you have to learn the problem in and out, more than 95% doctors know one issue specifically, hundreds to many thousands of hours researching a topic.
    But even if you fix the ED, you will then realize it is your mind that is your biggest handicap. I am a great example, I thought once I fixed my physical health problems shit was gonna turn around quick. Well after at least a decade of fixing health problems I've succeeded as well as I'm ever going to, but then turns out I still can't hack it in the world, because now I'm an alcoholic porn addicted complete fuckin knobhead, and I really don't know what's going on. So don't think I'm picking on you or something, I'm throwing it all away as much as anyone ever has.

    Even though some might say that having a working dick doesn't matter to women, I think it does. But what matters A THOUSAND times more to them is that a guy doesn't have some sad pathetic whiny victim mentality. THAT is THE MOST unattractive thing to women in the world. Bar none. Even if a girl knew it was fuckin 25 year old Brad Pitt (with all his money) behind that bawling pathetic Emoji, she wouldn't want anything to do with him. That's ultimate cringe to them. Absolutely no question. I know this because I've had more women than I'd care to admit obviously attracted to me then utterly disgusted by me based on acting incredibly depressed and....victimy?.....They are soooo grossed out by it man. This is an ultimate truth. Even if the odd one treats you alright, like a wounded puppy, it sure doesn't mean they want to fuck you. This is for the good of the species/evolution. The opposite is also true. Just go on youtube. There are numerous COOL dudes on there that have like muscular dystrophy/ utterly disabled/ have no lower body etc......all kinds of shit, and they all somehow have REALLY HOT GIRLFRIENDS. That is an eye opener for us all. They are getting shit done getting paid off youtube, and living life, imperfections and all. Then there is I'm sure literally fuckin millions of attractive dudes with completely functioning bodies alone in their rooms going through incredible numbers of kleenex boxes. The rain forests weep.
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    The more speculative the bet, the more important it is to hedge.
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    @Depressed&Out Thats all good, but you can't stay at home all the time. In the weekend, go find yourself some fun activities to do and through these activities, you'll find new people. You'll make friends and you could even meet a girl you like. Just don't think about it too much. Only focus on doing the activities you love and I mean group activities and little by little you'll meet people. You'll also little by little learn how to talk around people. Don't try to force it though.
    You can also meet people on the bus, you know. Just live your life and don't think about your problems too much.

    It might take a year or two or even ten but as long as you are consistent, you're going to get there. Don't let depression or disappointment derail your progress.

    As for your work, Google "job searching skills" and you'll be amazed how many ideas you find there. Read and polish your skills. Just like meeting people, this is also a skill that takes time to learn. You also need consistency.

    I understand you've been doing this for a long time. All I'm saying is you should keep going and you should also polish your skills. You'll get there.

    Always smile and focus on what's good in your life. You might say you have no good in your life, but I'm telling everyone has good in their lives. You just need to find it.
    Adopt an optimistic mindset.

    BTW, I've been where you are. I've had an even worse life. At least you have somewhere to sleep. I've seen hell, but things are much better now because I never gave up. And I didnt rush things.

    You said you made improvements. There! you see. You can do it. There are no quick fixes in life.

    We're all in this together.
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    I think this is a rather grim and shallow view of the world. I understand that with an average income you probably won't be able to book a trip at Virgin Galactic, but that still doesn't mean you can't have a fullfilling life. Perhaps you should change your view of what makes a life fullfilling.
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