34 days no pmo...but im fantasizing about real women

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Ineedazz734, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Ineedazz734

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    Im in day 34 with absoloutely no pmo. .....1. During this time period ive been experincin fantasys of not porn but real women I like at work that when im by myself I get incredibly hoeny about a think about how I would have sex with them. When im in there face at work u experience little too no erections at time but then at times when I look them in there eye or smell them they turn me on. 2. I brain tends too go into fantasy a lot about the real life women I want to have sex with im just wobdering if anybidy else is experiencung this. 3. When I take a shit I tend too discharge sometimes is this normal? 4. Im tending too be more talkative since its been so long since I masterbated im just hooing going this long without an I helps me when I get alone with a hottie. 6. some days I get a lot if erections that tend too come and go could this be a sign of the sensitivity of my shit maybe im rewiring normally.
  2. Ineedazz734

    Ineedazz734 New Member

    wassup well today is just like any other day. it"s hard when you want women and you see women you like but you can't engage in a conversation leading to the bedroom because of your reboot. I know i have to open up to people especially women even more than ever now anyways. thats what i'm going to work on. they say you can recover even faster if you don't even look at women but in the world we're living in today thats almost impossible especially during the summer. Today marks 35 days I havent masterbated or watched porn. The thing is everytime i take a shit I discharge. Hopefully thats a good sign because I havent had a o in 35 days and it's just revving me up for my next encounter alone with a cutie. I so want to just be able to give a beautiful women all that i have to give, but i know my time is really going to come this time I just have to be patient. I've lost so many beautiful girls in the past because of my ed problem.
  3. Ineedazz734

    Ineedazz734 New Member

    Day 37 woke up today with no morning wood. Kinda getting discoraged. I just want a girlfriend. I see cute girl but rarely feel any action. When im alone at home fantasizing I dont have any problem getting a boner. I hope I can get back to normal this really sucks
  4. Zorman

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    Yep. It certainly does suck. I'm on day 39 and feeling the same, but I like reading posts like yours because I gain some reassurance that I'm not alone and that others are going through the same. Misery loves company I guess hehe. Why cant we be one of the ones that takes 6 days to get better dammit? :p

    Keep it up tho bud. Don't get discouraged yet. This was added to YBOP a few days ago:
    160 days for him to get better, but he DID get better. Thats the important thing :) so at 30 something days we still got LOTS of opportunity ahead of us for things to start improving.

    How is your mood by the way? I've been getting the most terrible mood swings. I would start off in the morning feeling almost suicidal then my mood would lift in the afternoon. But for the past few days now my mood has been much more steady and I've been feeling 'ok' with the odd spike of depression and the odd spike of excitement here and there.
  5. wiseguyhobbes

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    I definitely relate to the fantasy thing.. I decided to try to stop fantasizing because I imagine its linked up with the porn circuits in my brain, and that's what I'm trying to disengage and allow to fade away so I can be normal and be turned on by the REAL GIRL that I'm actually able to converse with. When I tried to stop fantasizing, I found it very fucking difficult because my mind would go on automode, like I lost control of it and the thoughts would just run my mind and distract me. I think it just takes some time, but I would say try to let go of those fantasies so that the real thing can come naturally. That's what we're doing this for, right? :) GL man, hope this helps
  6. Ineedazz734

    Ineedazz734 New Member

    thanks for the insight. My moods do change sometimes I feel confident sometimes I feel like im ready to give up. No suicidal thoughts tho. I do feel depressed tho. Im trying to stop fantasizing so much. Hopefull by the end of the year ill be ok this is a hard thing to work throygh not knowing if your shit is going to work when the time has come. Lately ive been not so recieving to girls because of this problem. I felt as if ive damaged a lot of relationships because of this. When your not having your libido at the right time it sucks. But thanks for the insight guys
  7. wiseguyhobbes

    wiseguyhobbes New Member

    definitely agree, theres a lot of shitty stuff about going through this, but I try to take a big-picture perspective and keep hope for the future alive today... Once you're rebooted and seeing results, the right time will come easily because you'll be able to take action and MAKE it the right time. The depression sucks, I deal with a lot of that shit too, and i was actually suicidal for a couple months during this winter... probably got that bad because of the porn : /.. moral of the story: if you don't want to be depressed, don't go back to PORN... run the other way.. run for your *life*

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