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  2. interesting thread, you are looking hxxxy
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    well such addiction is common nowadays :-\
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    Erm...exercise restraint. You're only 18. If you propagate all that stuff about yourself, you're gonna be known from hereon in as "that gay guy who humps doors and jerks off animals".

    That is how the world works, I'm afraid. Exercise caution as this may haunt your later life for years to come.

    Just say you're a former fapstronaut/porn addict. And chalk a line under the rest and just move forward. Seriously.
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    Thanks man! I appreciate your comment. Even though I disagree with hiding all your flaws, because why show resrate after going through all that right? I was inspired by everyones honesty, and in return, ill let everyone be inspired by My honesty. But thank you! It is true, there are a lot of critics, but they are what help make you a stronger person.
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    I appreciate frank honesty. It is a noble aim. But sometimes you can tell people too much.

    There used to be this kid called 'Steve' at my high school, who jokingly said to a couple of his pals that he'd shagged a dead cat. His pals told everyone else. This guy was a smily, disruptive type of kid, dumbish but popular. He soon became 'that kid who fucked the dead cat'. Wherever he walked, he'd hear 'miaow' behind his back. Not just one time. For MONTHS.

    'Steve' changed. His once-happy demeanour became a constant look of loss and despair. His face became visibly pale. His boisterous antics ceased...and he ended up sitting on his own all the time, or hiding in classrooms at break times. He started playing truant from school, and upon his briefish returns back, the cat noises resumed even louder.

    He died.

    (Well, he didn't DIE-die. He sorta died, took an overdose and had to see a shrink and ended up a sexually-confused heroin addict).

    I don't even think he'd fucked a dead cat (I mean...rigor mortis...tiny arsehole...how???). He was just showing off. To be 'funny'.

    But it badly backfired.

    So be careful what you tell people. Porn addiction-related erectile dysfunction is already quite embarrassing enough for the masses to take. The animals and the doors...think about it. Don't end up like 'Steve'.
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    you've done some fuck up shit but i feel sorry that ur friend would do that. he obviously had it planned. the weirdo

    anyway i can talk about fucked up shit. i was into that tong sniffing for years.. got a better buzz i suppose. I got into incest porn. hard to admit even on this. and by god did it fuck up my brain. started off normally like everyone else but by 15/16 i was seeing videos on porn sites called "like women like daughter" and things like "mom fucks son".

    Got a buzz of these and would by my number 1 choice. I'm 17 months clean and i still kinda get turned on. especially that line u used of sniffing tongs.. cus it brings back memories. i tell myself its fucked up but my brain wants to hold on. I have myself to blame though can't just blame porn. it was obviously not right and should of known that it could change my sexual tendencies.

    It is well and truly hard wired into my brain. at the same time i get slight urges when i read shit like this or just read innocent stuff about families. cus it triggers the pathways. Beside slight urges on internet and in my dreams I'm not far off free. I know in my heart its wrong and i hope i can truly see how sick it was. maybe when i fully come back to reality i will..

    Got serious serious withdrawals and changed my brain chemistry. Missing out on the fun times as we speak BUT i should just be happy that i found a cure to my problems. I
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    Thats crazy man! Thanks for sharing that man. These are marks we carry forever, but you have to learn to forgive yourself and learn to open up to wisly picked people who you can disclose to if you need to talk to someone. A pastor, friend, counciler, God. Im not trying to be religious as many people give Beliving in God a Bad name. But i would realy recommend seeking a relationship with God and just open up and ask for forgivenesS. I assure you, nothing but love, understanding and forgiveness will come from him.. You dont have to live like this. If you still get tempted, then obiously there are some doors that you have not closed yet. Seek what these things are, and i wish you a new and changed life!
  9. holy moly, the other guy is right, you should not share this information with anyone.

    this can turn against you real quick

    not only DO YOU have flaws, OTHER PEOPLE do too, and maybe they use it against you. maybe they are just unable to cope with what you tell them so they will shut their rationality and you know...

    i dont think its fair to blame your friend for what happened, i d say you are both responsible...

    can you tell us what happen with you and him afterwards?
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    Yeah your both right ! Im not disagreeing . And we don't talk. He reached out and we got back in contact but when we hung out, i could tell he was worst then when we last met, and he was a very bad influence , so i had to cut him off.
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    Past is behind me. Day 32 of no fap!

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