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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Toby, May 16, 2023.

  1. BackOnTrack

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    working out is great when doing quitting porn, there's just a lot of additional energy to spend.
    Just when you're in a gym where there are plenty of hotties this can be a bit of a trigger.
  2. Toby

    Toby Member

    Interesting, glad to hear that it's going the right way anyway!!

    haha yeah plenty of hot girls at the gym for sure, but that just motivates me towards real sex. The difference between porn and the real thing has become so utterly clear this year for me. But I agree with you, one has to stay vigilant
  3. Toby

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    Day 22

    I'm in London at a conference. I've slept badly so I'm kind of low. Still I've managed to make some connections here (not talking about girls now). Feels nice to be able to reach out to people and make friends. What's even nicer is that I've found myself flirting with women, and they have I liked it. Was out with one of them yesterday, a girl I met at one of the booths, we ate, took a walk and kissed. We'll meet again today. She says we will not have sex but she was in my hotel room during lunch and it was hard for us not to have sex lol. She keeps saying it though. I have a really hard time telling if she's genuine or playing games though. In one way I feel that it'd be nice not to have sex due to still being in a flatline, I'd probably go soft in the middle of everything anyways, but dammit I'm attracted to her!

    So I'm very surprised with myself, I'd never approach girls before, but now, even in a flatline, I'm doing it successfully. Still can't wait to get my superpowers back
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    You’ll bang. No problem. She won’t give in that easy, especially when you just met within a day. But she’s definitely down if you play your cards right within the 2nd meet. You’re already meeting up with her today, just take it slow, and make her feel comfortable. At the same time, never expect anything. The key is having a good time. Just let things flow. It’s the weekend.
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  5. Toby

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    Well, we did lol. She spent the night here and it was amazing. We did everything except penetrative sex, but she kind of opened up for it. Told me to get a condom but then changed her mind, still feeling that she's not comfortable with that with someone she doesn't now that well. All that about be being unsure if she was playing games or not, seems she didn't. I really want to see her again and she really wants to see me but she lives in NY and I live in Stockholm so we'll see where that leads haha.
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    Great job on the 2nd base! She even told you to get a condom. Well… hope is all not lost. This is a follow up lay in the future, this is a great excuse to goto NY for business and pleasure. I’d suggest your main reason to go there is business, as you don’t want to be there solely for her because things can change when you’re there. As long as you're there for your main priority, everything else is just a bonus. Either way, everyone needs to go there once in their lifetime. I did lol.
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  7. Toby

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    Thanks man! Actually I think third base would be accurate, we really did everything except penetration :D
    But yeah we're kind of talking loosely about seeing each other again in some way. I want to go to NY either way so, also I have another friend who moved there so a visit is due!
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  8. Toby

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    Day 27

    Definitely getting those "oh fuck this will never pass" thoughts now, the lower energy levels you have during flatlines are really getting to me. Also I'm not really making a good job staying away from social medias, I'm constantly stimulating myself with something. Although it has nothing to do with porn I can just feel how it effects me in a bad way.
    Sick and tired of this fucking shit right now
  9. dark red drifter vessel

    dark red drifter vessel Well-Known Member

    If you have the same issue I had: avoid the thought of wanting to do functionality testing during a flatline.

    Also, yup, social media is not the same thing, but that sometimes relentless seeking/checking/being affected thing sonehow is transferrable. It might still be shit, but at least yer not fighting porn but that.
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  10. BackOnTrack

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    Recovery is like a parabola, it goes up and down all the time.
    From my experience a day where you think 'Oh this is easy I can handle it', is often followed by a day with strong urges.

    Also I don't mind flatline, finally a break from sexual fantasies and the possibility to be very productive.
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  11. Toby

    Toby Member

    Yeah I try to avoid that as well, it's really dangerous, but sometimes very tempting!

    Usually don't have any urges for P while flatlined. During my first flatline I didn't even think about sex. Now I do but not about P. P becomes a problem when all is well (not flatlined) and I'm home alone and get horny, then P can become a temptation.

    I think my problem is that I tend to continue talking to girls and sometimes even go on dates even if I'm flatlined. You mentioned this to me before I think. I should just take a break and enjoy life, that would be better for me. I have at least stopped talking to new girls atm, trying to calm down a bit because I feel like I've been maybe dating a bit too much.

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