30 Years - No Libido / Erection Problems

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by LifeIsGood93, Sep 19, 2023.

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    Hey Guys,

    I never thought I would write in this Forum. Please hear my Story and give me Advice. And please don't judge me for what I’ve done behind the backs of my ex GFs.

    1st GF:
    I fount this place already when I was 19. From 14-19 were my hardest PMO addiction Years, I did it 3 times a day. I tried to complete the 90 Days Reboot a few times till I met my ExEx GF. It was a long distance relationship, so in the beginning I couldnt get a boner without Porn, but when I reduced it and only did a little edging it worked after 30 days. Because it was a long distance relationship it was hard for me because I used to have a very big sex drive. So (please dont judge me) I began to create fakeaccounts on dating apps and do sexting with „real“ girls as a replacement for Porn. I watched porn sometimes but not regularly and my Penis / Libido was working fine in this time. So I keept the sexting while beeing with her together because we would only met once a month.

    2nd GF:
    After a few years she left me because she had no more feelings for me and I converted a girl from the sexting messaging to my Ex Girlfriend. She was like a pornstar for me because she did everything I was phantasizing about the whole time when I was together with my first GF. At this time I also forgot about the sexting (and porn) because Sex with her was so good and almost daily. A few years later when Covid hit I was already a little bit bored and began the sexting again. Our Sex became less my libido also got down and then she left me.

    3rd GF:
    Since my ExEx left me I have like zero libido. I met my actual GF and I couldnt get it up in the beginning. I managed over time (in the beginning I also used viagra) to penetrate her and get a boner but with zero Libido and I dont feel anything while sex near as good as in the past. I got checked from the docs and they didnt find anything. I guess iam addicted to sexting because ive done it again, but its not starting my libido. But I get aroused more than thinking about sex or seeing naked girls (my gf included).

    My Goal is now to complete the 90 Days Reboot and abstain from sexting/porn. I will start tomorrow. The thing with porn is it doesnt bother me anymore, because there is no „real“ interaction. Does anyone of you have similar experience? Why is my Libido zero since my ex left me abd why did it gave me erection problems? I never thought I will be back here but I think I just replaced my Porn Addiction with a Sexting Addiction.
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    welcome to the forums.

    I have had some similar experiences: Had a an ex that ended and became an on and off thing, we would either write horny shit or send voice messages, or have phone sex.
    We would also meet sometimes.

    I kinda understand how the idea that another person is doing something specific for/with you would hit harder than porn, which is rather just a product for consumption.

    In my case, it was a very fucked up relationship, and the sexting part was deeply embedded in that, so I wouldn't say I can differentiate the parts from each other.

    Because it was a relationship with lots of fights, quitting, restarting and tension, I think it hit a bit harder than normal make out sessions with someone you have a functioning
    realtionship with ever could.

    It took me years to get rid of that thing.

    I'm not pretending I understand why you are having the issues you are having, but I kinda feel sexting is a bit more personal, and thus more addicting than porn.
    And from what you say, you seem to be able to treat it same way you treat a porn habit.

    Cause porns never gonna text you drunk at 3 am all chaotic and horny, but your texting ex might.

    In the meantime, do you have any idea why you were using porn/sexting in the first place? It can be hard trying to get rid of something without understanding why you were doin it.

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