30 y/o looking for a good partner

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by BlackAngel90, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. BlackAngel90

    BlackAngel90 New Member

    From the midwest. History buff, investment geek, and IT nerd. Down for contact at anytime, will make an effort to keep in touch at least once weekly if not daily, will share all of my knowledge. I want someone that can be open about their life and ambitions and not just pmo. Hmu.
  2. Darak-Black

    Darak-Black New Member

    Hey BlackAngel90 I am in need of an accountability partner myself. 30 year old, film production professional, IT nerd as well, but only as a hobby, my fleet of raspberry PI and odroid XU4 computers is larger then it should be. Toss me a line if your still looking for someone :)
  3. Aliandro

    Aliandro New Member

    Hey guys,

    If either one of you is still looking for an accountability partner hmu, I'm in the IT field as well!

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