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  1. everw

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    A brief introduction to myself:

    Engineering grad school student. I picked up fapping in high school and didn't realize it's a bad thing until junior year in college. I have always been a quiet 'nerd'. I have a personal problem that I cannot gain weight to have a proper shape.

    I just relapsed when I'm starting this journal. I have been on reddit NoFap for two months and have reset the badge for at least 10 times. I'm usually busy during the day because of coursework and research. But I get lonely in the night and don't know what to do. I envy those who have a normal and healthy hobby such as basketball or fitness. Sometimes I hate myself of picking up such a thing. Anyway I have to face it and try to overcome. So here I am, starting this journal as a way of monitoring myself. I'll try to update it daily.

    For me I think porn is the problem. I won't fap without porn. When I get stressful and lonely I just go online to find those things. It has been a waste of time and energy. I'm thinking of finding a replacement of this bad hobby to distract myself from porn. My mind is a mess right now and I'll try to figure out more later.
  2. everw

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    [Day 1]

    Went to visit National Air Force Museum today, quite impressed. I guess one trick to quit porn is to keep yourself occupied with interesting things. The problem is how to find interesting things everyday. A long-lasting interest would be the fix and I'll try to have one.
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    Hey man,

    Welcome. I relate to some of what you're saying. Especially the part where you said you sometimes feel like you hate yourself for picking up this habit. I definitely feel you on that. I used to believe it was a character flaw on my behalf. As if somehow I was twisted and bad person for developing this habit. After alot of reading I came to the realization that PMO is not a reflection of you character. It's just we've gotten into a bad habit of channeling our natural sexual energies the wrong way.

    And you're right about keeping yourself occupied. I've been doing alot of reading lately and trying to limit my time on the computer to only when its necessary for schoolwork.

    Good luck and stay strong.
  4. everw

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    Thanks buddy!

    I tried to read and I actually finished <The Count of Monte Cristo> within a week in last month. It's so brilliant and well-written that I cannot help thinking about the book in class. I felt so dedicated that week.

    Then I came across this book called < How to read a book>. It's really good and educational but certainly not so appealing like a novel. I really appreciate the idea of 'reading for understanding to lift yourself onto a higher level'. So I was like 'this is gonna take some time to read and is not that pleasing, but will be a long-term benefit if I can really finish it.' I can already say I get a lot from this book even that I have done only a third. To be honest I'm a bit struggling to read that with a steady pace, just like struggling with choosing fap for short-term pleasure and escaping from the reality instead of doing right things.

    Anyway, limit the time on computer is definitely a good idea.

    Also good luck to you and hey, hang in there!
  5. everw

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    [Day 2]

    Jogged for a while in the morning.

    Had lunch together with friends and talked about where to go after graduation. It reminds me of more important things to do.

    Watched a documentary about big data. In my opinion it's nothing but a fancy idea. Scientists and engineers were doing that kind of work all the time even before the 'big data' concept came out, and they still are. But I guess it's too early to judge before I fully learn what 'big data' is.

    Been good so far.
  6. everw

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    Starting over again...

    [Day 1]

    Don't stay in my comfort zone at the dangerous time.

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