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    I am over 3 years clean of internet porn, except some accidentally seen advertisements. I have had only one FMO in 294 days, also. It has been such a huge relief not to be looking at deplorable porn anymore. I am not in crisis regularly from acting out and I have a lot of peace in my life. Also my self-control might be returning, and I think my PIED might be healing.

    I wanted to post to help encourage you guys to rewire and quit porn forever. Here are the things that I think helped me:
    • Filtering, I set up hosts file blocking on all my computers and my router
    • Posting here to Your Brain Rebalanced every time I acted out, and regularly besides that, trying to think of plans to quit porn
    • Medication that reduces my sex drive. I realise most people can't do this, but to be honest it's what made things a lot easier for me.
    • I also think the literature and thinking and fellowship of AA/SAA/SLAA/SA/SRA helped me a lot
    • Continued resolve, after each time I acted out I would end up in an emotional crisis and the only way out of it was to be determined afterwards never to look at internet porn again. I think this helped me recover
    • Also maybe helpful was the dim realisation in my head that I had exhausted all the deplorable porn I could find and each acting out was scraping way below the bottom of the barrel. In other words, I was kind of done.
    Another strange thing that happened to me was the following thought that would occur to me if I was tempted to go look up (and binge) on porn. I would tell myself this: You know, if you do this (binge on porn) and you meet any very attractive women in the next few days you will be totally embarrassed and not know what to say to them at all. And that thought would occur to me before I acted out and it worked! I would not act out for that reason, which finally helped me quit. And how many supermodel have I talked to in the mean time? None, of course, but I'm still really glad that I had that thought, because it helped me quit. I also think I had to have the foundation of the things I listed above and years of tryin to quit for this thought to work.

    If you've read down this far, thank you. Please reply and let me know if I can help you quit porn.

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