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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by GenXer, Jun 15, 2021.

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    Hey all, I’ve been dealing with porn addiction for over 30 years. I was exposed at the age of about 10. Found some old playboy magazines in a house my parents were looking to buy.
    From there I went to looking at the woman’s underwear section in the JC Penny’s catalog.
    Then posters of woman in bikinis and Lingerie in the poser section at a novelty store at a mall.
    Then came my best friend who showed me more porn magazines and really got me into it. Of course I was very interested.

    This led to a life of womanizing and 2 failed marriages.

    I never had a problem during sex before, I just thought I was cool because I could last long. Then I reached my late 30’s and things changed.
    I could no longer reach an orgasm every time I had sex. Still did not realize I had a problem with porn.
    Then I began to notice that after every time I watched porn I felt disconnected from the woman in my life and could not have an orgasm.
    I went to the Dr thinking it was an medical issues. They put my on Meds for low Testosterone they worked a little, but eventually that did not work either.
    The light finally came on and I saw that when I stayed away from porn my libido rises back up.
    I’ve been sober for a whole 4 days now and am hopeful for this to fix my life!

    Also looking for an accountability partner.
  2. TryGuy65

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    Not being able to orgasm is what lead me here... It's the most (well, a top one anyway) fucked up experience I've ever had... Look deep inside yourself to find your 'accountability partner'... Unfortunately for us, it can get kinda slow in the 'old-folks' home. Be assured though, someone's probably reading what you put down...
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    Porn robbed me of my boner for real sex. When I found this place I couldn't even keep a good boner while watching P and when I did ejaculate it dribbled out - sometimes I scarcely felt any O. Amazingly, once I stopped watching it for a few months I had no issues. :)
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  4. badger

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    most of the time, unless an uncontrolled diabetic, brain trauma, or nerve damage. this is all in our heads. mine anyway. my head on dopamine overdose. i have found that it takes time to heal. for me maybe because i am older, longer. i keep trudging.

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