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  1. This will be my journal. I stopped doing this years ago, and now I’m back to being a daily PMOer for the past 3 years. I think this will help this time.

    Turned 29 earlier this month. Amazing to think it’s been about 10 years since I started this battle. I want to prove to myself that I could stop. I did over 60 days multiple times in my early 20s. Now it’s time to shatter that record.

    Day 0.
    Fapped last night, middle of the night 3am when my fiancé was asleep. I went to sleep at a reasonable time, but woke up middle of the night. Thoughts were scattered, anxiety about work and the future. Went to the bathroom, turned on some fetish stuff, and finished within a few minutes.
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  2. Day 0 complete, no real cravings or urges. One thing I notice with my urges are that they come out of nowhere, and in an instant. I can be thinking “wow today is a good day I am abstaining” and literally a few minutes later be at it. Will have to find a way to counter them going forward bc I know there will be many times over the next few days/weeks where the silent but deadly urges come.
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    I have exactly the same experience regarding urges. Still trying to figure out how one battles them the right way. Often times, I can clearly feel what I am about to do and am nevertheless unable to stop.
    Really hope that we don't have to live in "fear of urges" in the future...

    Much success to you!
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  4. thank you sir. I’m hoping once our brains or rewired from abstaining, the urges will be much less powerful. Good luck to you.
  5. Day 5/90 goal.

    Starting a journal and hopping back on the YBOP train has helped me stay away from PMO. I cant wait to reach a week. Feel pretty good at the moment, also fighting a gambling addiction that I’ve stayed away from but managed to say no all week.

    Alcohol is usually my biggest trigger when I am on a porn free streak. If I am drunk, and I come home and my fiancé is out or traveling, my failure rate is probably close to 90%. I will have to prepare for this since I will have at least 2 weekends in April where I am planning to hit out with buddies (and drink), and when she will be away.
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  6. Day 8.
    It’s been a while since I went over a week without PMO. Feels good to be back on track. Haven’t felt many urges, but I need to be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole and end up somewhere I shouldn’t in tik tok or Reddit. Caught myself a few times looking at profiles of attractive woman a little too long.

    I do feel better socially and libido wise. I am more confident and notice my sexuality is not completely suppressed as it usually is when I am daily PMOing.
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  7. Day 18!
    I guess I can’t call it PMO, since on day 11 I had sex with my lady.
    Since then I have had minimal urges, ASIDE from last night. My girl is away this weekend so I knew the urges would be strong. Last night I thought I was going to cave.. but I managed to fend off the craving and take a cold shower. Immediately fell asleep after that and woke up so proud. Here is to more PMO free days ahead.

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