28 years old, time to get rid of this shit!

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  1. dualwield

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    Today I did a good work out. Studied for a bit and then texted my friends and asked them to go to the beach with me, it was beautiful weather. Most of them joined and we had a very good day! I am proud that I brought everyone together, it was appreciated. There were crazy many hot chicks at the beach, could not help to stare a bit.

    Goal for tomorrow is to study a lot more, work out. Probably no beach since I got a minor sunburn today.
  2. dualwield

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    Passed the test, amazing. Worked so hard for it.

    Very good day today, park with the gang, went swimming. Baby girl joined. Went to her place, the park, had a lot of fun all day.

    Had sex with her. Came home late, clock is 6 am now. MO'd 4 times, drunk and yea bored maybe? Trouble falling asleep. Good night.
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  3. dualwield

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    Feeling very asexual and lethargic today. Was no reason for me to MO binge this morning. I was very tired and drunk but that should be no excuse.

    I was happy about being able to perform workout pills with baby girl. Don't know why I had to MO, I have a tendency to make things worse in that regard when I am drunk so I will have to control it better.

    Will prob take minimum a week and maybe up to a month to regain all the positive sexual energy you get from nofap. We will see, I will just focus on enjoying summer, working out and staying healthy.
  4. Matei99

    Matei99 I hope One day I'll be cured

    Hi, what day of your streak are you in? how many times did you relapse? Are your erection getting better since you started?
  5. dualwield

    dualwield Member

    Was out with some friends today, went swimming. Another good day, very chill. Was way too tired to go to the gym so I still have to do a couple of 6 days of training-weeks to catch up.

    I actually MO'd four times more in the following evening. Not good. I will now have serious libido problems for a while I guess. So dangerous to slip up. immediately leads to MO binging. Even though it might happen once per month or so, it is unneccessary.

    Hi! No PMO: 205 days. Relapsed many times during like 8 years or something. My erections are getting better the longer I stay away from PMO and the longer I go without O.
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  6. dualwield

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    Woke up today feeling like shit. Post MO sadness you could say, so depressed. Almost angry, feeling irriated over a lot of BS tasks at work, too much to do. Not ready to start working again, feels like I never had a vacation since I spend 80 % of my vacation to study for that difficult test.
    Listening to some rock and roll, at least I get shit done today, using my anger to do some productive stuff. Hoping I can bounce back and will feel better tomorrow.
  7. dualwield

    dualwield Member

    So the motivation for working out was not there today, my willpower eroded after yesterday's binge. But I have kept myself in check today. I have to recognize that my motivation is lower than normal right now and it's time to "just do it!". I will go to the gym early tomorrow so I get it done. I feel so much better after working out too.
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  8. Thisworld

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    The most important thing is that you stay away from porn, if you manage to do that even while MO'ing you will get there.
    Just an advice: instead of do long streaks of hardmode followed by MO binges maybe try to allow yourself to MO regulary once every 10 days or so, in order to keep the urge under control and avoid binges, it's even more healty in my opinion
    (Also don't use porn/fetish fantasy when you MO).
    Stay strong, this is your life, you have control over it!
  9. dualwield

    dualwield Member

    Thanks a lot for the advice and encouragement!
    I agree, I could try to do M if I am feeling the urge, instead of binging that does not do me any good.
    The only thing is that I very rarely get that libido or urge to M. When it happens it is most often when I am drunk or hungover and then I can feel a bit of libido.

    I actually had morning wood one morning this week, it was also stronger than usual. I contribute some of that to my new diet, I am eating more of a vegetarian diet right now, allowing fish occasionally though, so pescetarian I guess. I have been inspired by Netflix documentaries, for example "the Game Changers" , very interesting to see how the cardiovascular system was healthier in people eating a plant based diet. So if it is good for blood flow it is good for stronger erections, which they also showed in an experiment in the documentary.

    This weekend I went to a party that baby girl hosted. Very fun! We actually did not go home together and parted ways at the metro, we were too tired to have sex anyway.

    So now it's been a week no O and I am feeling that willpower and good feelings starting to come back again. I managed to do 6 days of work out this week which is great too!
  10. dualwield

    dualwield Member

    I invited baby girl for a movie night yesterday. It was nice, we had fun and she stayed the night. Had good sex but EQ was not more than 70 % this time but good that I could have sex considering last week's MO binge. Impossible to go a second round after O though, my refractory period is prob around a week now. Making progress, I am not using pills.
  11. dualwield

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    Severely depressed today. I have no hope of a normal appearance and it makes me fear all social situations, especially eating and drinking something since my lips become so irritated and dry, they are so inflamed.

    Dreaded to join my friends tonight and it took me a couple of hours to muster the courage. Dressed up, went into the city. The guys were at a fancy bar, the girls there were so hot, it was crazy. I did not get in though since I was a bit late so we did not have the correct number or chairs at our table (Corona restrictions, you have to sit down, not mingle around).

    I waited for like 45 min but decided to go home since the guys apparently had chatted up 3 hot girls.

    Really depressing Friday night. I feel like so much of my potential is lost with this lips problem and I can't stand it no more.

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