28/M: 100 days to reclaim my alphaness and enjoy my 20s [Day 100]

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Ginguskhan, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Hey Gingus, how's the progress?
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    Re: 28/M: 90 days to reclaim my alphaness. Day 16: 6/16-9/14

    This is the greatest fucking thing I've read all day. Reading this feels like very positive encouragement for me, because I've approached/hit on over 200 women during the past 2 months because of following Goodlookingloser.com and trying to get laid efficiently and I have to admit I still have some shame/reservation/doubts to get over about my sexual aggressiveness/ forwardness.
  3. Ginguskhan

    Ginguskhan "You are either all in or all out" -HS Track Coach

    Thanks Nick. I'm glad I was able to help. Its amazing how much things change for the better once you get PMO out of your life. Good luck!

    Horny - That's my point exactly....everytime you catch wind there might be an hint of attraction, throw at least a crumb out there and see what happens. I've approached more times than I can count, but you only remember the successes after sometime :)

    RcFergie- Things are somewhat stressful, as I am scrambling to finish up my PhD before the funding runs out. The PMO addiction is still a sleeping giant, as the few times I have PMO'd, I find ways to justify PMOing again (often within the same day). I'm estimate ive PMOd maybe 10 times since I did the challenge 6 months ago.....which would be the count for a week or less prior to the PMO challenge.
    I'm still with the girlfriend I picked up near the end of the PMO challenge. The sex is still very good, though we usually only fuck 1-3 times a day vs. 4-8 times at the beginning of the relationship (when I was beyond horny at 60 days no PMO). She keeps wanting to get serious, but I keep reminding her I don't see us long-term. She is a lot of fun, but I can't live with her. Her room and car is always cluttered, when I am neat and clean. She is ADHD, so I never feel like I get a break around her. This was most apparent when I went on vacation with her, and each morning we were in a rush to go hiking. I'd rather not have that, and just get out to the trails relaxed but perhaps a a few minutes later than if she had been on my case to get moving.
    Overall, things are going great. I've also reduced my consumption of mind altering substances. I took off a few weeks at the start of the year, but I started getting mean to my girlfriend by telling her I wanted to break-up all the time, so I've gone back to my using. I've also discovered pre-workout supplements + creatine which have replaced Kratom as a workout enhancer for those off days.
    I broke 225 on squat yesterday! 5x5 with 4x 45lbs. plates! Woot!
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    Relapses happen. Me, I relapse on the part where I take offense if one has a different opinion than I, or if one criticizes me, even if it's constructive. Overall, my self-worth has gotten a lot better. And I'm working on believing I'm a worthy, unique person. Good to see you back, man, regardless!

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