26, Watching Life Pass By

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    Day 3,
    Had a setback earlier in the week on Thursday. But I've been two days sober now and I'm grateful for that. I've taken the initiative of excising certain things out of my life. No video games. Limit television to an hour. In their stead I've added piano and writing. An abundance of writing lol. It's nice as I haven't been writing like this since I was back in college. I'm also back to working out, which my god, makes all the difference. Helps out a shit ton in terms of emotional health, with the added benefit of building a healthier body. I don't want to write to much on here as I don't wish to repeat the same sentiments from my personal journal earlier this morning. But if I could say one thing, it's that I'm doing good, and while I know many challenges yet lie ahead, I am reassured by this current change in mindset.
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