26: Wanting to Do Some Great Things in Life

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    Hello everyone,

    I don't have much of a story at this point other than I am on the journey to removing this relationship from my life.

    How does porn go from no way, never again to why not?

    Queues & Responses
    Paying attention to how many times I triggered a day?
    Official plan to get off of the internet and live life once financial freedom is created.
    1. Endless supply
    2. Common theme of rape or molestation
    3. The girls that I am getting off to don't even know who I am or think about me
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    Today was a win for me. Was definitely queued but did not give in and spent most of my day talking to one of my friends at the park. I got a headache from thinking so ended up sleeping and now back on the grind. No time to waste here.

    I ended up bumping my hand really hard, in my normal work processes. My right hand is kind of sore and it made me realize that I would not masturbate if my dominant hand was sore/broken.

    Nevertheless, it hurts to have my hand like this right now (it is recovering) but at least I can't even consider PMO. Really want to take this time to put PMO into perspective.

    How it has controlled my life and the health detriments like body aches and maybe even my vision for staring so long at that screen every night. This is my chance to prevail and to let go of this harmful relationship with porn.

    My body feels better without the 2.5 hour sessions.
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    Spent the day with a friend and played basketball. It felt great to have the testosterone boost.

    I am definitely feeling some strong temptation right now however.

    But have some work I want to do instead.

    It would satisfy me more if I produced good work tonight rather than wasting my time.
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