26 and determined to quit

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    after years of trying to quit porn I finally decided to start an online journal.

    I have tried many things already, my record is 18 days without MO, and over a month with MO, but I never shared the struggle with anyone, hence the creation of this thread.

    I watched porn since my teens, but I never was so addicted to watch it everyday for few times, like many people report. There were times when I PMOed twice in one day, or for two days in a row, but then I had couple of days porn free.

    However, I have never had ED problem (actually sometimes it was enough to hug a girl to start feeling penis growing and it was always like this), I also had two girfriends and some other sexual encounters in this time, however being addicted and not able to quit is simply driving me crazy. I just can't stand the fact that some shit like porn makes me do thing I know I don't want to. ESPECIALLY! that after a week or more, I can see a lot of positive changes; much better mood much more attention from very attractive girls, self confidence etc. and that is when I usually fail. It usually starts with thinking about porn, then watching some softcore and then "talking" to myself that I will start rebooting after just this one last time... and it never is the last time.

    I just hope that sharing the story with you guys will make a complete change this time.

    Obviousely I am at day zero right now. I will update the thread as often as possible, I also want to share here some advices, when I discover them along the way, for other people in similar situation.

    I know I will do it.

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