25YO very addicted like 4X day only PMO

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    Hi, i'm a healty 25 years old who started fapping around seven YO. I do it all days, some days even 4 or 6 times, i also do sports, talk to girls NO DRUGS al kind of things, i write read play music have band records released do studies but, i discover the porn is a thing to achieve a new level in life so i'm quitting completely.

    I don't have bad erections, i don't smoke i live alone. My sex drive is very high with fapping 4 or more times a day and i endure what i want.

    Years before i take a lot of coffee, like 4 or 5 cups a day, and i smoke electronic cigarretes with nicotine a lot. My family is very abusive, and i fight against them for survive, basically.

    What i feel from my 2nd day of complete abstinence:

    Hot around my head, wellbeing, focused, a lot of calm energy, i like it. I recieve more female seeking for me behaviour. And i use my time and resources better. Also i m very very very tired, so, i m going to sleeeep veeery very very well.

    My goal is to never fap and fuck the girls that i meet like fuck 100 or more girls a year :)

    Day 2

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