24 years old with ED. Need some advice.

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    Hi guys hope you’re all well. I’m 24 years old and I was watching porn more or less everyday from the age of 11/12 and I’ve had PIED for about 4 years, I’m a very anxious person, never been a confident person I’ve always struggled to meet new people and I feel like this is all down to my constant porn use.

    So I started nofap and semen retention (except wet dream) on June 7th, I stopped watching all porn. Tried to limit all Instagram use incase Of seeing all of these Instagram models etc. but on day 107 I relapsed, I didn’t know what came round me and I couldn’t help myself. I feel I needed this now I’ll be able to stop my urges better. I have no interest in watching porn anymore. After the relapse I got back to my nofap, however I’ve been on Instagram a lot more.. I haven’t been searching or looking at an explicit content I just use it for work but I’m going to go back to limiting it again.

    I have a few questions and do need some advice, I’ve watched all the videos on YouTube and read all the YBOP, Your brain rebalanced post but just wanted some reassurance in what I need to be doing.

    Firstly my main issue I find now is that I stare at women loads. I was in central London yesterday and there was so many attractive girls and I can’t help but looking/staring. Do I have to just force myself not to look at this moment in time? Even when I go to the gym there’s obviously so many girls wearing gym clothing and it’s hard not to look. Will this be detrimental to my recovery?

    I’ve read many thing about dopamine, and I saw people recommending not to watch movies, not to listen to music and they’re unproductive ways that spike your dopamine. I feel like this is a unsustainable lifestyle however if it is necessary I can do it whilst recovering. Please do advice me on this.

    I feel as if I’ve mad small progress through the start of my journey even with my relapse, I sometimes feel a blood rush down there when thinking or hearing something. It’s nothing major but it’s a difference I’ve noticed.

    I’m definitely going the carry this on and I hope to see some real progress soon. If you guys have any tips on what help me recover from my PIED please do let me know. Thanks guys .
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