24 Y/O, PMO for 10 years.

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by ed_nightmare, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. ed_nightmare

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    Chatting to a girl on Saturday night, and I felt like I wanted to bang her. I had the same kinda stirrings i had when i had successful sex in Feb and had it gone anywhere, I may have been okay.

    The thing is, that I didn't feel stressed. I felt on her level. I think I aim for women that are out of my league (financially, socially, physically). This girl isn't...she's not what I would normally go for but I think that's what helps. I don't feel that if things were a bit wrong in bed she would judge me for it..as long as I make her laugh...hoping she comes out next weekend.

    Just thinking about her is starting to turn me on a bit. I want to fuck her but primarily, I want to get to know her more.
  2. ed_nightmare

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    Meeting up with her on Friday. She drunkenly said last night she wants sex. This could be interesting.
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    Good luck mate.
  4. ed_nightmare

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    Does anyone know of software like K9 that works on separate users and not across a laptop? I am sharing one atm due to mine breaking and i have been peeking and almost had 2 full relapses as a result and my progress has been knocked back.

  5. ed_nightmare

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    The last girl fell through and we aren't really talking anymore. I tried getting it on with her on New Years Eve but due to a combination of alcohol and...other things I couldn't do anything.

    I've been peeking the last 2 weeks and edging a bit when I wake up (as it's the only time I can really get erection). I need to stop doing this, but part of me is now worried that it is 'use it or lose it' as I've found I can't get it up with women unless I've masturbated in at least the last month.

    Last Valentines Day I had the first successful sex, with natural urges afterwards, so I know sex is the way to kick start the libido. I figure I've got a month then to try and get whatever I have back, so I'm going to hard mode it from now until then. Additionally, I am taking the following until February.


    Triple Gingseng (Korean, Siberian, Red Chinese) x 1
    Vitamin B6 100mg x 1
    Vitamin B12 500mg x 1
    Magnesium 700mg x 2
    L-Carnitine 500mg


    Triple Gingseng x 1
    Zinc 15mg x 1
    L- Arginine 1000mg

    I already go to the gym twice a week and do a lot of compound lifts, which I found weirdly killed libido. I think this may be because I fit 3 days work into two now due to time constraints and so each session takes more out of me. I'm hoping the extra supplements will help balance this.
  6. ed_nightmare

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    Stressing out over a uni assignment and relapsed. Slight peek at porn in morning, then urge to fap to 'relieve tension'. I feel like I've not made any progress, even though my relapses are very infrequent.

    A couple of months ago I got a hard-on at a pub when I was flirting with that girl. Like a rock on hard on that I had to go the toilets to wait ages to go away. So I have had a healthy, recent response from my body. It also seems like a month of hard mode does sometimes get me in the mood (any successful sex based erections tend to be around the 30 day mark of no PMO, too much more and it goes away). Like there's a fine balance involved. I don't know. I hope this has killed the urge...but then the issue will just repeat when I am still without rewiring options. I'm not likely to get a girlfriend this year, so I need a contingency plan that isn't 'just let your libido' die, because when I do meet a girl it won't be there.

    So fucking frustrated.
  7. ed_nightmare

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    Relapse. Another uni assignment. I'm starting to notice a pattern.

    I didn't orgasm, but I did watch porn for 5 minutes. My progress is very slow even though one girl is possibly interested in hooking up. Found this out the day after I relapsed. I know if I had known her interest then I wouldn't, but now I need to make excuses for a few weeks to get back on track before considering it. Idiot.

    I feel like I need a few words of reassurance. I haven't spoken to anyone about this situation in months and I don't think I'll feel better unless I can just talk it out. It's a lonely, shit road.

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