24 Y/O, PMO for 10 years.

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by ed_nightmare, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Well-Known Member

    Hey man.

    When you say your refractory period reduced to 48 hours now, does that mean you return to 100% normal after 2 days of orgasm? Like 100% confidence, motivation etc?
  2. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Game: Do you think the boost might be anything to do with heavy lifting as well? I've read a couple of threads online where people feel that their libidos have gone up since following a heavy lifting program. I'm doing a 2-3 per week routine (Tues = Biceps/Triceps, Friday = Back/Chest, Saturday = Legs/Shoulders). Also eating a fair bit more so maybe I'm getting better nutrition which might account as well...

    Mikey: That appears to be the case at present. This morning, I was back at full capacity (orgasm didn't feel as good, although the build up was). I don't really notice much difference in confidence and motivation, I might think about sex a little less afterwards, but nothing else of note. I can't advocate 'use it or lose it' to anyone else, but for me personally, my libido has only returned since breaking the no MO rule.
  3. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Yes I do think it helps.
  4. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    I've noticed that recently that I haven't been getting as hard when masturbating as I should do. Today, I came with a semi. I'm not liking this path. Therefore, I'm committing to total abstinence for the rest of the month. If this proves difficult, I know I've slipped more than I should and will require more work. How much progress I've lost, I'm unsure of.
  5. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Have two viable people to have sex with today, declined both. Chatting to a couple other women online, one who wants to fuck me and one in a casual 'let's see if anything happens' kinda way but just not interested.

    May be another flat line, dunno. Could be the mild hangover lethargy. Would rather just lay in a warm bed all day instead.
  6. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Hey man sounds like you do ok with the ladies, why not just meet up without going for sex?
  7. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Ah, I'm not too good with the ladies. I tend to have a couple interested in one go, and then about 6-9 months of zero interest at all. It's already simmering down now.

    Almost on 365 days, although I'm not sure I should count it as a full year because I have peeked on occasion.

    Tomorrow, I'm off to see someone which may lead to an attempt at sex. I haven't orgasmed in nearly 2 weeks, and this morning I was really horny and wanted to fuck her really badly (no trains though Boxing Day so out of luck).

    Thinking about it actually being a reality now, and has killed my libido dead again and activated anxiety, but it can't go as badly as the last time we fucked (where my dick died after 2-3 minutes).

    My ED has gotten much better regarding masturbation but with a woman, I don't know. This will be my first potential chance at rewiring for a few months though, so fingers crossed.
  8. Cameron

    Cameron New Member

    Congrats with almost making a year without P, make the next 100% P-free man!
    Good luck with your girl tomorrow, try to relax and enjoy the moment.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! ;)
  9. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    As I expected, I failed, and I failed hard.

    Basically yesterday I did peek when horny and I think that didn't help. Today I woke up with a sore throat and felt quite lethargic. When I got there, it turned out it wasn't just me, but there were two other guys as well. I felt some mild stirrings when she straddled me and kissed me, but it went away quickly. In the end I just sat drinking as the other guys did stuff with her. Felt absolutely no libido or inclination towards sex at all.

    Times like this I wonder if I'm actually asexual, or I've really fucked my wiring up so bad that it's impossible for me to wire to real women. It's been a year and 4 months since I started this journey, and I'm fucking sick of having made zero progress with real women. Having better erections is pointless if it's not with a woman.

    Definitely meant to be alone. I just need to learn to accept that.
  10. boomboom

    boomboom New Member

    Maybe you really turned off by other guys being there. I envy you man for real. Never even dreamed of making a year. You have to keep trying. You can't go back to porn so the only way to go is towards women. Keep trying man, find one to date and not have sex on your mind or the thought that it might come up. Just live a little free and when things happen, your going to be so happy you stuck through till the end. Its no going back from here
  11. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Yeah, I do wonder. As I said, was horny the day before, and I have been in situations before where I've managed to get an erection with a woman (and in one case, cum via a blowjob), so I know at some point, I've had progress.

    Perhaps it is more based on who? I find I can't perform at all unless it's either morning wood, which I can maintain, or once with a girl (now my best friend) at like 23 days.

    Is this normal? I figured most guys can just get it up when they hook up...I've had nights out where I've felt mild stirrings below, but obvs not full erections.

    Input would be much appreciated, I feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark here.
  12. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    According to my calculations, I MO'd 25 times in 2014 (Wet Dreams don't count). Just under 2 weeks on average and I had a 161 streak in there as well. Not too bad a year. Wonder if there's a 2015 spreadsheet available..
  13. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Yes kissing, touching, undressing etc should all be enough for you to get things going down their.
  14. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    But I'm not sure they do...it might be helpful to define 'mild stirrings' I think. Basically, I get twinges down there, and perhaps also the sensation of what is known as 'hard flaccid'? As in, no erection, but given some manual stimulation, the potential for one if enough time is allowed for foreplay.

    I'm also on about in a public setting as well, I haven't had public erections since I was in school (about the same time I started PMO) so I don't know whether that is an age thing, or a PMO caused defect.
  15. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    So last night I crashed at a friends. It's the second time I've stayed with them, and nothing happens, just cuddling. It's kinda nice.

    I did notice this morning however that I felt more of a stirring than last time. Maybe an 80% erection for a while, which did eventually go away, but I was sure at the time if something was to have happened, it might have reached 100%. I definitely felt arousal.

    There does seem to be a pattern, after two or three times I tend to be more in the mood for it. Certainly more in a position to give it a go anyway. I think this adds weight to the whole 're-wiring' thing, which at times I've been skeptical about due to not thinking it'd work for me. Just need to find someone to actually rewire with...
  16. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Had a massive urge to fap and did. Likely a chaser from the earlier feelings. Still, I went another 30 days without masturbating which is the most I've done in several months. Managed to avoid the P.E Orgasm with a semi issue I had back in October.

    I'm aware I started increasing masturbation habits before, but I'll try to keep them a bit more in check. Luckily, work is keeping me busy 5 days a week at the moment so there's less time for fapping anyway.

    Def need to find a partner to rewire with but likely no time until the summer. Sucks..
  17. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Started taking L-Carnitine 500mg and L-Arginine 1g a day a few days ago. Morning wood has been markedly harder and for a little longer. Interesting. I'm taking the former more for a minor weight lifting boost but apparently it can help libido...might not be a big enough dosage but we'll see.
  18. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Yep finding a partner is a major sticking point for a lot.
  19. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    20 Days no MO...

    Libido is still not present, perhaps another flat-line.

    I am considering the idea that I may genuinely be partially a-sexual, or 'grey-a'. The definitions of 'grey a' are:

    • do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes
    • experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive
    • experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them

    • people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances

    I do experience sexual attraction but only properly with somebody I trust after multiple experiences with them. It's not even just the ED, I don't get horny when I see women in the street. I do sometimes think 'I would like to fuck her' but to me I think that's a combination of porn wiring and a societal expectation that I should be wanting to fuck them'.

    When it comes to the bedroom though, often I'm unenthusiastic by it and I tend to wonder 'when can we stop doing this' as it's 99% un-pleasurable.

    I dunno. I'm not good looking, not well built, minimum wage job and can't even drive yet so women aren't going to be attracted to me anyway, because I have little going for me. So swearing off women and sex might be more productive; if I can stop caring about both, having PIED won't be relevant or a concern anymore.
  20. ed_nightmare

    ed_nightmare Member

    Monday I was chomping at the bit because of a fetish trigger popping up on Facebook unexpectedly. I did message my previous fuck buddy but she was busy so couldn't do anything about it.

    This morning I peeked at it, and felt the rush. Stopped it before I could MO, but fucking hell I do not feel good now. I don't know why I looked, I've put it behind me before so why look months and months later? Idiot.

    On a more positive note, I may see her Saturday...I've just purchased some Horny Goat Weed combined with Maca. GameOver, you've been using this right? Obviously I want it for libido purposes, but also for when I get back in the gym (couple more weeks away from lifting due to injury). Would you say HGW and maca have noticable effects in both areas for you?

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