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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Isaac-Hall, Jun 3, 2012.

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    I had a journal on here but it got deleted, or I deleted it on accident. With my last journal I made it 30 days and then went on a PMO binge for about a week. I started a new reboot three days ago and figured a new journal isn't a bad idea.
    PMO has been a part of my life since I was like twelve or thirteen. I've tried off and on for the last twelve years to stop but nothing really worked. I tried the religious ways, the willpower ways, etc. I didn't really feel hope until I came across YBOP and read some of the articles and some of the success stories. I'm an analytical person by nature and understanding the reasons why my body/mind craved PMO really has helped me to know how to combat the cravings and I've been able to go longer than ever without PMO. My first reboot attempt I made if 14 days, my second attempt was 30. This will be my third try.
    I don't suffer from ED, but I have seen some problems with death grip and a lack of sensitivity. I want to never PMO again because I want the self-confidence that comes from being in control of my life. Since high school and through college I have had confidence issues when approaching and talking to girls. I've never had a serious girlfriend. Whenever I meet an attractive girl my mind directly goes to sexual thoughts. I think my consistent viewing of porn is to blame. I noticed during my last reboot that my self-confidence skyrocketed the more days I went. Every aspect of my life got better. I want to make those changes permanent.
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    Day Six-Things are going pretty good, I'm seeing a gradual return of the gains I made on my last reboot. My self-confidence is coming back. It's hard to realize how much PMO robs from you until you start to try to get away from it. PMO has taken way too much time, experiences, friendships, etc. from me. I'm not going to continue to let it take things from my life. I believe that my potential awesomeness can not be fully experienced if PMO remains part of my life. Last night there were some pretty strong urges that were triggered by some mild sexting. I managed to not give in.
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    PMO addiction for sure robs you of long term happiness. It ruins your edge, which takes much of the satisfaction out of things. Not being able to exist in public without getting urges to go home and PMO, really kills things.

    Good luck with your reboot, hopefully its a very fulfilling process for you.

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