23 years old, time to get rid of this shit!

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    The movie was good, I would rate it 7,5/10. Good actors. However, a bit too slow for my taste, too little action. It was what I expected pretty much so I am not that disasppointed since it was a drama and I do not tend to enjoy drama very much.

    Monday today and I slept quite long. Woke up feeling a bit sluggish, like I am starting to get a cold, also snivelling a bit. I watched 2 min of P this morning, then closed it down. Went grocery shopping and later took a nap. After the nap I MO'd to touch alone. I will prob go to the gym now in the evening, it is one of my light weight days so I hope it won't be too taxing since I am not feeling on top today. Hopefully I will not be sick tomorrow, that would suck so bad since I will go abroad soon with a couple of friends.

    EDIT. PMO'd once and then MO'd once to touch. Will have to look out now and don't binge. I feel even worse now, a bit headache as well. I will go to the gym and see how it goes. Cannot sit at home more since I don't trust my brain and my impulses now.

    Ok so felt pretty good to work out even though I was quite tired. Will try to stay occupied with things tomorrow so my brain do not trick me into pointless browsing on the web, that never ends well. My goals for tomorrow are:
    * buy new blinds for window (mine is broken)
    * work out (if I do not feel very sick)
    * search for some new apartments online
    * maybe go on a date later in the evening (been a month since I did that. Tinder has not worked out very well for me lately and I have also lost a bit of enthusiasm about meeting new girls)
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    Ok so I woke up around noon, feeling worse today. I have a cold. I don't have fever or throat ache but feeling dizzy and sniveling a lot. I will not go buying those blinds today or work out and I cancelled the date tonight. I will however take a short walk and pick up my pants from the tailor.

    Edit. I have been feeling so tired the whole day. No energy to go to the tailor or to work out. I have a runny nouse so I will just be chilling at home tonight as well. I MO'd once during the day, no P though, but I was feeling a bit horny, probably more because I was a bit bored.

    Hopefully I will feel a bit better in the morning.
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    Could not sleep that well. Blocked nose. Clock is 6 am and I MO'd to touch alone once. It's tricky to abstain from MO when you are feeling sick and spend your time in bed. Will try to fall asleep again.

    I could sleep some more but when I woke up 11 am I MO'd twice more. Hmm.. Will prob have to read up on some success stories to get some motivation back. Since my overall health is low right now I am struggling to resist.
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    My trip abroad with 2 colleagues during the weekend was super fun! We went all in, just enjoying our time eating good food, drinking fancy drinks and partying a lot, took taxi everywhere. We spent quite a lot of money but it was still very worthwhile. We partied until 6 am both nights so I reckon I did not sleep more than 4 or 5 hours per night. Danced with some hot chicks at the club and made out with 2.

    Tonight I went over to jug girls place. We saw some TV series, she gave me popcorn and cookies and had sex. She told me it was the first time she was able to orgasm without clit stimulation during sex so that was fun to hear.

    Tomorrow I will go to the gym again. Feeling better now since my cold has passed.
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    I slept until 1 PM. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Have been tired and easily irritated all day. Kind of depressed. It has been rainy and grey outside all day. Started the day with 5 min of P, did not M but watched some and that was not good, resetting the meter. After that I ate some breakfast and chilled out. Went out to the grocery store. Did not go to the gym today. Russian girl will come over now tonight for some chill evening. Hope tomorrow will be better, will not sleep all day.

    EDIT. Russian girl was here, we had good sex. Later my friends and I booked a trip over New Year's. Looking forward to that!
    PMO'd three times before sleep. A lot of edging searching for many vids. Not good. Will have to create some urgency in life to get rid of this problem now.
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    Slept for long. It's dark and grey outside today too. I feel out of energy even though I have slept much. Probably season bound depression coming, I usually feel down every fall when it is dark outside. I PMO'd once. Will now implement some drastic measures. I know deep down that I hate PMO and that it causes my ED so that is why I will do the following:

    * For every P thought, imagine a red stop sign in my head. If that is not enough and I think about browsing for some pics or whatever I will immediately slap myself in the face (not to cause damage but enough to wake me up again). Also preferably shut the computer down for a bit and go do something else.
    * Every time I touch my dick, slap myself in the face again. Reason being that this kind of touching is something I do unconciously so now I will stop it at the start so things to not escalate.
    No touch, no fantasy about girls policy.

    Also, have promised myself to finally go to the gym again. I need it and I might feel a bit better afterwards for taking some action.
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    Gym two days in a row now. Feels good. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to a student pub with a friend. We drank a lot of beer and talked to some guys and girls. It was fun and we will probably do it again soon.

    I was hungover today though and feel like I need that break from alcohol. I'm putting in a challenge for the coming month (drink maximum 3 strong beer per party. Can drink alcohol free beer after that if I want). This will make my body feel better and that I do not waste whole days lying in bed feeling miserable. My work outs will also benefit from this.

    After the student pub last night I went over to jug girls place. We cuddled some and had some sex. It was bad, I only could muster a semi erection even though I used pills. Also lost it after a while. I slept over but could not sleep so went home 6 am. Could not sleep at home either until 11 am. So I slept in the middle of the day instead until 3 am. Not good, my sleep problems are still bugging me. Will try to sleep earlier tomorrow since I am quite awake and it's 2 am soon. Also I will have to get up 4 am Sunday morning since I will work the whole day.

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